What is your favorite original download-only game?

This week some of the Empty Wallet gamer crew takes a look at their favorite original download-only games. Some are interesting choices while others are quite obvious. 

-Keith Michael

I would say that, hands down, my favorite original downloadable game would have to be Dead Nation. The first thing I have to note is that Dead Nation was one of the games that I got for free when the Playstation Network went down and FREE is the best thing for us Empty Wallet Gamers. Dead Nation is a dual joystick zombie shooting game where the player has to make his/her way through a zombie infested city. It is a classic style of gameplay with modern level design, fantastic graphics and lighting effects. The top-down look keeps the camera pulled away from the player; mix that with the often dark areas and you have a very eerie feeling zombie game. For a full review head over to the review section and see what we had to say about Dead Nation.

-Marcus Lawrence

Favorite Original Download was a tough one for me. Mostly because every game I’ve downloaded before was a redone title or something along those lines. Then I remembered The Dishwasher. Well the series anyway. See, there are two games called The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai and Vampire Smile. Both of these are 2D side scrollers

But the best thing about them is that they are bloody and utterly pleasing. I once compared it to being a Ninja Gaiden game just bite sized. You are given a couple of weapons that are used to tear apart anyone in your way. By the time you are done, the room you leave will be re-painted with the blood of the fallen enemies. The art style definitely helped my decision as well since its really dark and gloomy. Anyway, that’s my choice for the week

-Jovan St. Lawrence

Although I don’t have just one favorite downloadable game, one of my top five would have to be Super Meat Boy. It’s currently available on PC via Steam and XBLA. It’s a 2D platformer that is funny, quirky, and has great music to support the tone of the game. Above all else, it is relentlessly hard. Considering this game got its start on Newgrounds.com, Super Meat Boy is one of those games that remind you how difficult games were back in the day compared to now and the constant and growing challenge by the level is something that isn’t easily forgotten.

-Greg Livinston

I have to admit, I don’t even own the game I’m using as my answer this week, but I have played a decent portion of it on other people’s Wiis. I’ve slacked off on buying it for my own Wii because I find it easy to forget that Wiiware exists, but it does have a respectable amount of awesome games that aren’t called Bit.Trip.

One of those games is Fluidity, a sidescrolling platformer starring water. There’s a puddle of water on screen, and it’s your job to guide it through obstacle courses. By tilting the Wii remote, you can tilt the screen, and the water will naturally flow one way or the other. Tilt the right side of the Wii remote, and the water flows to the right; tilt the left side, and the water flows left.

Fluidity is a game that could be done without motion controls (Super Monkey Ball has a tilting floor and it works just fine on joysticks), but the tilting just feels natural. The angle of your controller matches the angle of the floor on the screen, and that congruence makes controlling the game a blast. Not to mention that physics puzzles are all the rage these days.

-Eric Lee Lewis

Yep, here we are again. Another EWG Question of the Week closing out. Oh, I have to make a choice. Well, this should be easy: Dead Nation.

There is really no need for me to explain my rationale for this choice. I love zombies, I love gaming, let’s put those together in a beautiful marriage. Also, add in couch cooperative play and you have MAYBE the best zombie game out there.