What is your favorite party game?

It’s that time of the week again. Time to figure out more about some of the Empty Wallet Gamer crew. This week we take a look at our favorite games to play in a party atmosphere:

-Greg Livingston

I could talk about my favorite party game, Super Smash Brothers Melee, or its runner up, Mario Kart DS. But I think it’d be more interesting to talk about Ivy the Kiwi.

Ivy the Kiwi, available on both Wii and Nintendo DS, is about a kiwi that always walks forward. It’s your job to draw lines and guide her path through sidescrolling platformer stages. Is there a spiked pit up ahead? Draw a line over the pit and she’ll walk safely on the line.

What makes this a party game is that up to four people can play at once (and if you’re using the DS version, that includes single-card multiplayer). With four people drawing on the screen at once, things can get hectic and hilarious.

It’s a simple concept, but the more approachable it is, the more likely it is to be a good party game.

-Marcus Lawrence

All-time favorite party game would have to be the Halo series. That’s my childhood right there. When the first Halo came out for the Xbox years ago, my buddies and I would spend the night at each others’ house and play. Now this was nothing compared to when Halo 2 came out. It swept us away with the ability to have LAN parties and to go online and test those skills.

Many nights of not sleeping but enjoying company of friends as we divided into teams and found out who was the best. I still have a nickname as being “Spartan Killer”; a goal in which I am very proud of. Point is, even though there are other good games out there for parties, to me nothing will ever beat the Halo games.

-Keith Michael

My favorite party game of all time would have to be Super Smash Bros. I remember the commercail from the N64 days saying “there is something wrong in the world of Nintendo.” I have always enjoyed the variety of characters, stages and weapons. The thing I liked most about the Smash Bros. games was the simplicity of it all. And when mastered, can get very tricky and make for outragously long matches.

-Jovan St. Lawrence

My favorite party game would have to be Rock Band. The series is all but dead due to Activision’s classic “suck our franchises dry” strategy of Guitar Hero and Harmonix’s Rock Band series is a victim of that as well so they’re focusing on other music games right now. However, the song selection, amazing engine, and constant weekly DLC make Rock Band a game you simply just can’t get rid of if you are a huge fan of it. Having friends over to play with or to watch you play is very fun to say the least. Online play is great too. Whether it is competitive or cooperative gameplay, Rock Band is good fun for everyone.

-Eric Lee Lewis

I have never been huge on multiplayer games. With that being said; I like playing games with a larger group of people. If you get a group of nerds around each other, it’s time to game. So what exactly would I choose?

Littlebigplanet has that perfect feeling for a group. Some of the most fun that I have ever had gaming was when Uriah, Geoff, and myself were playing LBP. From the cute fun to the amazingly fun gameplay, Littlebigplanet has it all.