What to Expect on February 20th


-Jimmy Kovalski

A short time ago, Sony said that they would hold a press conference to discuss the “future of PlayStation” on February 20th. Since then rumors have been swirling, the general consensus is that they will discuss the PS4 or whatever their next-gen system will be named. Here is a brief over-view of what I expect Sony to announce/discuss at this conference.

They will announce the PS4 but with no price or release date

Okay, so this is an easy one.Now is the time to just go ahead and announce the new system. With all the rumors swirling and specs being “leaked”, there is no better time to put some of those rumors to rest. I don’t think Sony will announce all of the features, but I do believe they will go over the important hardware specs of the PS4. With this announced, the next question on everybody’s mind will be, “when and how much?” Sony will not announce either. I firmly believe that they want Microsoft to make the first move with regards to price and release date. If Microsoft does give these answers, then it will give Sony a competitive advantage and vice-versa.

They will announce some new games from in-house developers

I won’t go as far as saying there will be gameplay or even titles given, but Sony will say that studios like Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica and the like are developing new PS4 titles. I also think that some of these will be launch titles. Especially Sucker Punch. I mean, what have they been doing since inFAMOUS 2 released in early 2011? Now, there is a chance they may show off screenshots and maybe even gameplay. I will side with the former here and say that the gameplay will be saved for E3 or GDC.

Announce a price drop for the Vita

It’s no secret that the Vita is struggling. The 3DS getting new Pokemon games in the fall and it looks like the Vita is dead, right? Well, not entirely. Of course, a stronger library of games will help, but I think a price drop to $199 or even $179 is inevitable and can work wonders. Why buy a PS Vita for $250 when you can get a 3DS for as low as $150 and get a much stronger library of games? Well, that’s an easy decision. But if the Vita was more appropriately priced, it becomes a much tougher decision.I don’t think they will announce anything new (games wise) for the Vita, but I’m sure a price drop is incoming. They are discussing the “future of PlayStation” here right? Sony has openly said that the Vita will play a major role with the PS4. What better time to announce a price cut and maybe even a PS4/Vita bundle? But that will be at E3.

There are, of course, a number of things they could announce and talk about, but these are almost certain. They could go over things like new apps for the PS4, a PSN restructure, PlayStation Plus and more, but I think E3 will be an appropriate time for those.

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