What was your choice for E3 2012 game of the show?

This years’ E3 was quite the spectacle. We got to see some amazing looking sequels, new IPs and even got to learn about the upcoming Wii U. Empty Wallet Gamer shares what games they are most excited about: 

-Jovan St. Lawrence

There were many good games to come out of E3 this year. Dishonored would be up there. A brand new IP that really looks like it blends in stealth action with supernatural abilities. Arkane Studios own version of steampunk makes the world you are in your own playground for murder and destruction. Powers like blink, which is a teleportation power, is only one of the many that are at your disposal. I really like the whole setup and the look and feel of the game in its entirety. I can’t wait for Dishonored to hit stores October 9.

-Phoenix Robbins

E3 had a great showing of games this year. It’s actually really difficult for me to pick just ONE game as my favorite. Although I’m really excited about games like Watch_Dogs, The Last of Us, and Beyond: Two Souls, I’m going to have to go with Borderlands 2.  I’ve lost countless hours leveling up characters, searching for new weapons, and killing Crawmerax. Borderlands 2 is sure to be even better.

-Marcus Lawrence

Hands down, Beyond: Two Souls had to be my favorite game at this year’s E3 convention. No matter what anyone says about Heavy Rain or Indigo Prophecy, those two games have to be some of the best I’ve ever played in my lifetime.

Beyond: Two Souls will probably not only play amazingly but looks fantastic too! Ellen Page is even lending her voice, looks and talent to make sure this title joins the rank of Quantic Dreams’ other games. So definitely be on the lookout for this one people.

-Greg Livingston

Ridiculous name aside, ZombiU looks like it has potential. The footage we’ve seen so far emphasizes the vulnerability of your character. With games like Dead Island, it seems like developers are willing to experiment with the survival horror genre again.

I worry, however, that developers won’t find a compelling use for the Wii U’s controller. We’ve had scanners in video games for quite some time now without the aid of a handheld screen.

-Eric Lee Lewis

I was blown away by some of this years’ games. The worst part is that I need to pick my game of the show. 

I have been looking forward to Dishonored ever since gracing the cover of Game Informer. While reading the article about the game, I found it to be impossible and completely out of reach for what a game could do. The good news is that it seems as if Arkane Studios has done exactly what they set out to do. Only one bad thing could really happen…Bethesda has a hand in on this game.

What game from E3 2012 are you most excited about?