Where Can We Expect AC III to Lead?

- Geoff Barry

With another numbered title in Ubisoft’s signature franchise we know that the Ezio days are behind us. With that is a new hero in the half-Mohawk, half-English Connor Kenway. We also know that the story is now moving from the renaissance era in Italy, to the Revolutionary period in the United States of America. Even though the newest title has yet to be released I’m curious as to what this title will bring to series going forward. What do we expect with sequels and DLC? Will fans even like Connor as much as Ezio or Altair? 

One thing that seems to be determined is Desmond Miles’ larger role in the game. I’ll be the first to admit to not enjoying the first-person puzzle segments in Revelations, but it can’t go unnoticed how Desmond’s amount of gameplay has increased in each title. How will the ending events in Revelations affect Desmond’s role in AC III? We know that the first civilization could speak to Desmond through Ezio, but will Connor face the same thing? It’ll be interesting to see how Connor relates to not only the current-gen assassin, but to Ezio and Altair as well.

Now that Subject 16’s tale is told, will Connor use his Eagle Vision to scan glyphs and solve puzzles for someone else? The brain-teasers in the previous titles had good feedback and it would be odd if Ubisoft decided to take out that element of the game. Maybe Connor’s Native-American heritage will play a role in his visions; like if finding a symbol that belongs to his tribe on the side of a colonized-town building would mean more than meets the eye. 

AC II produced two sequels, so we’ll have to keep an eye out for what AC III can come up with. It’s been rumored that Connor’s story will take up about 30 years in this title, so that already sets him up for middle-age if he is awarded another game to his name. We watched Ezio grow from adolescence into a grown man in AC II and Brotherhood, then finally go into his fifties and “retirement” in his final chapter. Sure, Altair only had one game that was for major consoles, but he also had a couple of sequels on handheld systems. If Connor’s going to be pushing fifty by the end of AC III, what kind of sequel does that permit? Is it possible that there won’t be another title to Connor’s name? We don’t know these answers yet, but perhaps I’m jumping the gun a bit considering we’re still waiting to play AC III. 

The DLC could be fresh, but will most likely result in packages like the previous two titles with map packs for online play, and a few side missions to tackle in the campaign. I could go without having to groan my way through the first-person puzzle sequences, but I wouldn’t mind getting a chance to play as Desmond and work on actual missions with him. He’s been the only character that has been in every title so far, yet it doesn’t feel like he has been the “protagonist” at any point in any game. It’s not so much a complaint as a “wonder why.” Although there are many questions that are asked for details of AC III as well as basic information about future AC titles, the one that can be answered for sure is October 30th will be circled on countless calendars, and will keep long time fans happy as well as bring back lost fans, along with bringing in some newcomers. 

ColumnJames Kovalski