Who is your favorite game character?

-Marcus Lawrence

Vergil from the DMC (Devil May Cry) series has to be my all-time top favorite character. Why is that? Because Vergil is a badass, katana-wielding dude. Everything from cool demeanor, the way he uses that sword to cut a bloody path through his enemies, and the fact that he’s just as cocky as Dante in his own way.

I always feel bad because of the tragedy of his story. Still, his hunger and lust for power is what really drew me to the demon/human hybrid. His only goal was to gain even more power and by any means necessary. Even killing Dante, his twin brother, Vergil would stop at nothing for his quest for more power. That is why, Ladies and Gentlemen, Vergil is my favorite game character.

-Noel Villa

I found this to be a very difficult question; sure, I appreciate several videogame characters because of how appealing they are, but to label any as my favorite would mean finding someone I can relate to most, someone I would want to be the most, or maybe be with the most. And barely anyone cut it, except for Team ICO’s characters. I choose all four main characters (Wander, Ico, Mono, and Yorda)

There is something about Team ICO’s characters that endears me to no end. Each of them is an outcast, discarded by a traditionalist and judgmental society or some other similar circumastance. And both the male protagonists have a simple goal: to search for companionship and acceptance. That one person who will accept them for who they are. In Wander’s case, it’s Mono, for whom he let go of everything just so her soul could be returned. And in Ico’s case, it’s Yorda, who isn’t even human, so she won’t judge him for the horns he bears.

I find myself in each of these characters, which is why I’ll never stop sucking up to Team ICO.

-Keith Michael

Videogames offer as many types of characters as the mind can imagine. They come in all shapes, sizes, and attitudes. My favorite character is the one that is always willing to go out of his way to help a person in need, even if that means self sacrifice. He first appeared sleeping at the top of a lookout on the little island of Outset. I am of course talking about the Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He is so willing to fight for what he wants that he sometimes charges into battle mindlessly. Toon Link, as he is called in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, accepts any challenge given to him in Wind Waker. He helps find a man’s pigs, gets some delinquent kids to go back to school, and even helps two people fall in love. When Link isn’t helping with the personal lives of citizens, he is doing the big stuff. Link is a speck when compared to the Great Sea in Wind Waker, and he sails from one side to the other. Traversing places like a volcano, a frozen island, and a giant tower that rises out of the sea.

One of my favorite things about this version of Link is that everything seemed so much bigger than he was and he still managed to pull through and defeat Gannon in the final showdown. Note: Link is my favorite character in general, but I like Toon Link the most.

-David Ruddock

Kreia/Darth Traya from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. Now here is someone who hasn’t so much given up on life as she has the compelling urge to destroy it everywhere because it’s done her over so many times. Kreia spends the majority of the game acting as your mentor and guardian against all the bad guys that she knows personally, but the best aspect of her role is the eventual realization that she has been using you all the while, forcing your negative energy to grow like a super weapon. And yet, it’s not a surprise: I think the reason she made such an impact on me is that she plays the role of the tragic villain so well, because she doesn’t ask for your sympathy or understanding, she just tells it straight up as it is: she wants to kill everything for being so damned smug about her failures. She spends the entire game as an enigma wrapped in a mystery and openly refuses to give you any straight answers. So, if only because she really makes you think before you open your mouth, that’s why she’s my favorite videogame character.

-Uriah Marriott

My favorite game character in more recent gaming would have to be John Marston. When I first started playing Red Dead Redemption I didn’t think I was going to enjoy the game. And then I got into the story a little more and made a connection with John. The reason he is one of my favorite game characters is John Marston is a badass, plain and simple.

The reason for him being a badass is John doesn’t take lip from anyone. He is bold and to the point when interacting with other NPCs, but also has a sense of humor. The growth Mr. Marston goes through from the beginning to the end of the game is great and helps establish a connection. When you first meet John, he is cold and doesn’t say a whole lot about himself, but is still polite for the most part. As you progress further on, you see that John really does have a heart and is actually human. The last reason I like John is, though he is an ex-outlaw, he has always had some morals and leaned more on the justice side of things.

-Phoenix Robbins

GlaDOS is without question one of the best villains in a video game period. She may only be an A.I, but that does not stop her from being a completely badass antagonist. In Portal, GlaDOS is the only thing your character interacts with. There are no other supporting characters, so she has to carry the entire narrative in the game herself. That is no small feat, and she handles it masterfully.

She starts the game as a friendly AI companion, but as the game progresses, you start to realize that something is not right. It starts to seem that your cheery companion might be up to something.  (This turns out to be a good assumption)

On top of that, the song at the end of the Portal is one of the best songs ever recorded for video games. If you’ve ever played through Portal, there is no way you could ever forget just how amazing GlaDOS is.

-Eric Lee Lewis

Do me a quick favor. I need you to count every game character ever. I mean ever. Now, hopefully you haven’t really tried. Out of the hundreds of thousands of game characters in this world, my favorite character is Sparda. This man/demon doesn’t have a game of his own, but his story supersedes some of the characters in the Devil May Cry series. The first Devil May Cry starts with his story and might I add, what a frickin’ great story. This guy is so awesome that he destroys just about everybody in hell and makes his way back to the world of the living to procreate and make two of the biggest badasses known to gaming. THIS is truly the best character ever. 

Who is your favorite game character of all time?