Will GameStop Be Selling Vintage Games Soon?

-Marcus Lawrence

Being a fan of older games myself, this bit of news that GameStop is planning on updating their selection with games from before the era of PS2, Xbox and so on is really exciting. GameStop is planning on having an online store that specializes in older games.

GameStop’s CEO, Paul Raines recently did an interview with Verge suggesting that the online selection will contain some of the older classics. “We think there’s a vintage sales opportunity, so we’re accumulating some inventory,” He’s right too; many gamers want to get their hands on classic games but without it costing a leg or two. “If you go to eBay and look at all of the gaming stuff that’s on there, it’s unbelievable. Collector’s stuff. We’ve got to be in that business. We will be.”

Raines made a note that there will be challenges like “sourcing the product, the condition and the refurbishment” but with a company as big as GameStop, I’m sure this won’t hold them back.

No word on when these additions will be incorporated but Raines said the company is working on stuff that can’t be disclosed at this time.