X-Men Review


Backbone Entertainment


Konami Digital Entertainment


Arcade, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, iOS, Android

Release Date(s):

Arcade: Feb. 12, 1992; PSN/XBL: Dec. 14, 2010


Action Adventure




Co-op 2-4, Online Co-op 2-6

Playable characters:

Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, Nighcrawler, or Dazzler.

I had the privilege of playing this game with one of the coolest 4-year-olds I know but I had the challenge of finding something that wouldn’t thoroughly frustrate him while still being entertaining.I also needed to make sure that it was something his mom would approve of.We went on to Xbox Live and as soon as he saw X-Men, it was clear there was no other choice.

The simple controls made it easy for him to play.The X and B buttons are used to attack, A is to jump, and Y is for a unique mutant power. By using either the d-pad or the sticks, you’re now ready to move yourself into battle with hundreds of sentinels and several classic super villains such as Pyro, Juggernaut, Mystique, and Magneto.

While I do realize that this is an arcade game, I have to say, the lack of a challenge provides nothing but a lack of a point. If you were to use up your 3 lives, you just hit “A” and continue exactly where you left off with 3 more lives.There are no consequences; you just keep going.

You’re not in the arcade anymore; you don’t have to pay the 50 cents to continue.If you die, you don’t have to start from the beginning, you don’t lose your amount of kills and you even get your all mutant powers back.To some, that’s a relief but to others this is a huge disappointment.I myself have spent countless hours (and dollars) on arcade games. So a lack of challenge really didn’t sit right with me. I don’t think X-Men transferred well into an Xbox Arcade game, not because of controls or gameplay but lack of challenge that normally comes with and arcade game.


  • Simple controls
  • Multiplayer is fun with friends
  • It’s the X-Men!


  • It’s TOO easy
  • There are no consequences for dying
  • The 4 year old and I finished the entire game in less than 20 minutes
  • 800MSP ($10.00)

Unless you’re a huge fan of the X-Men and/or the game, you may want to skip the $10.

Verdict: 50%

X-Men Arcade Trailer

Phoenix didn’t really seem to enjoy the re-released X-Men Arcade game. I guess this is such a thing as a game being too easy. Would you still play this game? Or does the very easy difficulty turn you off?