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Devil Night Fever- Let's Play DmC Part 7

What is sure to be a wild ride, Dante finds his inner boogie as he traverses this Techno themed level, looking for Lilith and her demon spawn. Then a major boss battle occurs... with a demon baby. Follow @Themanwhogames0 for more gaming content.

Danger At Home- Let's Play DmC Part 6

Dante is back with after taking on Bob Barbas from Raptor News and must head back to The Order's HQ to save Kat and Vergil. Can he make it?

Spiderduck First Look: Line Of Defense Tactics

Trevor takes a look at Line of Defense Tactics which is a strategy game that just came out last month. Line of Defense takes place in the same world as the MMO and the comic book series. See some of the action and the Trevor's thoughts as he plays the game. 

Taking Raptor News Off The Air- Let's Play DmC Part 5

After taking a short break due to work and social events, Marcus is back to deliver part 5 of DmC. He slays through demons and guess what people? He doesn't die.


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PAX East Interview with Raj Joshi from 17-bit

I was able to play some Galak-Z at PAX East this weekend and also have Raj Joshi from Team 17-bit give us a great interview for the site. Raj talks about why they made a game like Galak-Z and why it was a departure from Skulls of the Shogun as well as future DLC plans. We also hear a bit about Raj's past in the industry. Check it out!

PAX East Interview with Aaron San Filippo from Flippfly

This is one of my favorite interviews that I did this weekend with Aaron San Filippo from Flippfly. We got to talk a bit about their most recent game Race The Sun and it's upcoming release on the Playstation Network as well as Aaron's advice to developer for getting their games out there to the public and more!

PAX East Interview with Jared Fry from Switchblade Monkeys

Listen to the interview I did with Jared Fry of Switchblade Monkeys for their game Secret Ponchos. We talked a lot about how the game and how it came to be on the Playstation 4, plans for launching on Steam Early Access, and a lot about the unique characters. 

PAX East Interview with Adam "Keits" Heart Addition Edition

Day 1 of PAX East is in the bag and was not without getting a great interview or two in. Today I talked with Divekick Lead Designer Adam "Keits" Heart about the newest member of the Divekick roster, Johnny Gat, for the Addition Edition. 

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From Tiny Brains to Huge Ideas: Spearhead Games Revolutionizes Game Development

Take a look at our first Spiderduck Feature article, Trevor was able to see Project Cyber first hand at PAX East 2014 this year and was impressed by the crowd reaction as well as the sheer fun factor of the game. There is a lot more to the story as he got an interview with both Simon and Malik about the game as well as video footage of the tournament finals from Day 3. The future of eSports is here!

My First Time at PAX East and This Year's Importance

Trevor wrote a small little retrospective on his first PAX East in 2011 and what this year means for him as well as the site. Check it out!

Broforce Finally Coming To Steam Early Access

According to the developers at indie dev studio Free Lives, they are all set to bring their action shooter Broforce to Steam Early Access on Monday, April 7th. It will be available at a price point of 14.99. If you can't wait until Monday, you can get access to the beta version by pre-ordering the game through their website here

Copyright and Content ID

Copyright law has been a thorn in the side of many an internet user lately. There is a lot of confusion, fueled by frustration, surrounding the topic and Mike is trying to set the record straight. 

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inFAMOUS: Second Son Review

Today is a special day. Today, Spiderduck welcomes Steve M, guest reviewer and with his arrival comes inFAMOUS: Second Son. Is this the PS4's big hit? Read on to find out.

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Review

Marcus tries his hand at Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. While he may be disappointed because of how excited he was for this title, Marcus doesn't believe it is broken. Read his entertaining review here.

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