All It Took Was A Pikachu Onesie

In the latest episode of the Spiderduck Podcast, we talk about how Jovan dresses when he goes to cons, Trevor and Sheena talk about their time at PAX East this year, Eric jumps in with his Call Of Duty brethren, and Jimmy plays videogames so that we don't have to. Enjoy!

PAX East Interview with Free Lives about Taco Salad

This interview is probably the funnest and most ridiculous interview I did last weekend at PAX East. Me and the Broforce guys talked about his time in America after they made the most American video game ever and what bringing back a taco salad could mean to their home country of South Africa. They've also made an unofficial announcement for their next "force" game. Listen to it!

PAX East Interview with Raj Joshi from 17-bit

I was able to play some Galak-Z at PAX East this weekend and also have Raj Joshi from Team 17-bit give us a great interview for the site. Raj talks about why they made a game like Galak-Z and why it was a departure from Skulls of the Shogun as well as future DLC plans. We also hear a bit about Raj's past in the industry. Check it out!

The Love Shack

In this episode of the Spiderduck Podcast, we are joined by Sheena Psychobilly (community manager for Spearhead Games) as Eric tries to set up the Love Connection between her and Jovan! We also talk about video games and stuff, enjoy!

That Went Off The Rails

This week on the podcast we talk about A LOT of stuff including inFAMOUS: Second Son, Danganronpa, Renegade, Titanfall, Broforce, and more. We also delve into the current state of reviews and how angry Eric is about it. The staff looks at the news for the week and are shocked at the lack of a game disc in a collector's edition! Check it out!

The One With Joe Mirabello

On this week's edition we are joined by the creator of Tower of Guns, Joe Mirabello. We talked about what we've been playing such as South Park The Stick of Truth, Titanfall. We also had some lengthy discussions in between. We had a great time having Joe on the podcast, so enjoy!