The Behemoth Think Microsoft is a Great Tag-Team Partner. OLE!


According to BattleBlock Theater creators, The Behemoth, “We have absolutely no problem with Microsoft or the XBLA team. We love working with them, and hopefully they enjoy working with us as well. I can’t speak for other devs that may have bad mouthed Microsoft in the past, but that’s definitely not the company that we are.”

Later on in the Raptr Q&A session, project manager Emil Ayoubkhan stated, 

“You’ll always hear the negative side of things in the press, or from others, more than the positive aspects. It’s definitely a lot more entertaining to read I suppose.”

It's an interesting statement made on the behalf of The Behemoth. Many of the more well-known indie developers are not happy with their treatment by Microsoft. Most of the devs are extremely outspoken about it as well. 

But this is the point where I ask, "What are your thoughts on Emil Ayoubkhan's statements?"