F'ing Awesome Freeware: Fragment. OLE!

Earlier, whilst messing around and looking for an interesting indie game, I was pointed toward something called Fragment. Yes, that's a pretty generic title, but the screenshot that first caught my eye was this:


It's not everyday that you see something like that. Sure, we see men being ripped apart in the most brutal of ways, but not a man being split into fragments. But the image made me think to myself, "Is this some sort of artwork or cutscene?" It turns out that this is actually in-game. I had to download this bad boy and figure out exactly what it was. 

The first thing that comes to mind when getting into the world is how Fragment graphically looks to be in the vein of Portal. And in some ways, Fragment seems like something that Valve might make. After starting to really love the graphics, there was some time to learn how to attack. This isn't a game with guns. Instead, Fragment is all about warping and blasting scientist into dust. This is quite stunning to watch. 

Adding to the great graphics is the interesting gameplay. The character that is being controlled by the player is simply known as Subject 0012. Though we are given no back story, the gameplay can really draw somebody in. Soon we are shown that by pressing the left mouse button, 0012 shoots forward a weird purple clone. This clone can be controlled with the arrow keys. But how does one keep track of the clone? Well, the clone's sight is shown in a small box in the upper left corner of the screen. As the clone is being moved around, the player can press "F" and trade spots with the clone. This allows for Subject 0012 to get into better positions to take out opponents, or to solve puzzles. 

Yes, 0012 has to take on opponents, and that is where breaking them into fragments comes into play. The best part is, it is as simple as pressing the right mouse button behind an enemy to break them apart. Enemies can also be taken out from the front, but this game is heavily based upon stealth. 3 shots from a scientist and you are one dead test subject. Fragment's gameplay is pretty ingenious, and can really make a person want a longer version of the game. 

Like any game, Fragment has weird issues, but those are easy to gloss over. So easy that there is no need to even write about them. After all, this is a free game and for such small problems, Fragment should be applauded for the things that it does do properly, or for what it does better than some other games with an actual price tag tend to do. 

With all of this being said, go grab a copy from Fragment's site and give them some awesome feedback.