ANNE Has Been Officially Kickstarted, 9 Days Remaining

As of today, ANNE has hit its $70,000 goal. Not only did it reach its goal and gain some popularity, ANNE still has 9 days to earn more money and possibly hit some stretch goals.

Earlier, the developer of ANNE, simply name Mo, put out a simple thank you message in multiple languages

Currently, it looks like this beautiful 2D game is on track for a bright future, and we here at Indie Luchador wish Mo all the best.

Don't forget to vote for ANNE on Steam Greenlight

Below is a list of the aforementioned stretch goals:

$80,000 Milestone: Mac and Linux Versions!

$90,000 Milestone: Achievements! Gender Swap Mode!

$100,000 Milestone: New game+! 

$115,000 Milestone: OUYA version. Challenge areas: Disapearing blocks? Alternate ending for completing every challenging areas?

$125,000 Milestone: PSN Version/Vita Version

$135,000 Milestone: Protect the ship two-player local co-op Mode!

$150,000 Milestone: WiiU version

$350,000 Insanity Milestone: ???