Bleed Review

Developer: Bootdisk Revolution

Players: 1

Platforms: PC (Steam, Desura, Xbox Live indie Games, Developer's site)

Genre: Action-Platfromer

If there is one thing that indie gaming has needed, it is a slick, fast-paced action-platformer. Notice how fast-paced was put in there? Well, Bleed is fast-paced until the player decides to use the slick slowdown functionality. That's right! Add in a really cool bullet-time system to these other ingredients and viola! We have an awesome, if not short, twin-stick shooter named Bleed. 


As Bleed starts up, the player is introduced to our hero... sort of. At first we are shown what almost looks like Cloud from Final Fantasy VII driving a car and looking like a badass sprite. But wait, this isn't our hero. It turns out that our hero is a pink-haired lady named Wryn.

Wryn wants to become the greatest videogame hero ever. The problem: The Greatest Heroes of All Time have already taken their spots about 200 years ago. This is where Wryn's journey starts. 

At first when Bleed hits its level selection screen, we are shown Wryn writing a name on a piece of paper. The name is of Bleed's first boss character. Wryn is basically a mercenary in search of fame. While this is awesome, there are only enough levels in this game for a player to have about an hour of game time before Bleed ends. 

When Bleed drops Wryn into the world, the player is introduced to Sega Genesis-style graphics. And to a person that grew up during that generation, Bleed is very welcome. Not only does it look to be from that generation, it almost plays like it as well. The animations are simple, yet crisp. In Wryn's movements alone she shows how cocky and confident she is. 


To add to her already great animations, Wryn has the ability to do a quadruple jump-like maneuver. With this move, Wryn can dodge incoming projectiles by pushing in whatever direction the player wants her to go and look great while doing so. Add in bullet-time to this move and Bleed becomes one of the most stylish indie games on the market.

One of the biggest problems that Bleed suffers from is the extremely short amount of time that it takes to beat the story. Sure, the game can be played on multiple difficulties with different weapon variations and looks, but more areas before boss battles would be a hugely welcomed addition.  It's a small problem, but Bleed can leave a person wanting more.

Even with the short length of the game, Bleed is an experience worth having. With the diversity of the levels, smoothness in combat and catchy music.

Finishing Move

I thoroughly enjoyed Bleed and I will always remember Wryn. She is a character that could easily become an iconic character in the indie scene. Let's hope for a sequel because this game just needed more. 

Bleed gets 4/5 lucha masks

Bleed gets 4/5 lucha masks