Project Black Sun Review. OLE!

Developer: Starflower Games

Players: 1

Platforms: PC (Desura, Indievania, Gamersgate, Mac Game Store)

Genre: Platformer

NEWS FLASH: As of the writing of this review, there has been a large amount of Metroidvania-style games in the indie scene. In fact, most of the games in this sub genre play almost the exact same. Luckily there are a few games that do try to dig out there own spot. Enter Project Black Sun.  


Project Black Sun is a game unlike any other game in the genre. This game is an extremely slow-paced and methodical crawl through an underground cave. And yes, that is the story of the PBS. There is nothing deep to drive the story. It's a simple formula of kill enemies, get a new ability and kill a boss to get a key to open new doors. 

Though Project Black Sun has such a simple formula, it is a tremendously tough game. Sure, these things can be upgraded, but ammo and health are sparse and hard to come by. This is especially annoying when save points are few and far between, and enemies are fast, yet attacking and evading enemies is a slower process for the main character. 

Luckily, Project Black Sun has a fun, though minimal, soundtrack. It will be a regular occurrence that one will start humming the music even after the game has been turned off. That is always a great sign for any game, and adds to the enjoyment of a game that can sometimes be found to be a chore. 

Project Black Sun has yet another unique thing about it; The art style. While it isn't a completely new thing to games, PBS looks almost like it was ripped straight out of the world of Metal Slug. In other words, one of the most fun games ever made inspired yet another game. <Insert applause here>.


Finishing Move:

There is not much substance to Project Black Sun. In all honesty, some may be turned off to this game completely due to how crazily difficult it is. Thankfully I am into super difficult games, but I realize that I am in the minority. To add another layer, this game is incredibly cheap on Desura. Who knows, if it makes it through Steam Greenlight, more may be added. Until then, only play this game if you like your games super difficult. 

Project Black Sun gets 3.5/5 lucha masks

Project Black Sun gets 3.5/5 lucha masks