Game Dev Tycoon Review. OLE!

Developer: Greenheart Games 

Players: 1

Platforms: PC (Developer's store site) Coming to Steam August 2013 -Estimated-

Genre: Developer Simulation


Oh the joys of being a nerd. Nerds get into interesting things, and sometimes there are games that provide an insight on that subject, Luckily, some people are game industry nerds, and those nerds want a game that faithfully shows what the industry has gone through throughout the years. Game Dev Tycoon does this and knocks it out of the park. 

Game Dev Tycoon has made news in multiple ways. Whether it be their inventive anti-piracy measures, or the "copying" of what Game Dev Story did on smart phones, at least the game has made waves. It turns out, for a developer's first game, these are the good type of waves to make. 

But what is Game Dev Tycoon?

GDT is a game that starts out with the player creating their character and starting their own company. Much like most game developers, the player starts making games out of their own house. As time goes along and the player's games become more successful, more media starts to give attention to the game and sales go up based upon the quality of the game and the amount of fans that each game garners.

Just like it is in the real world, some fans buy the game based upon the review scores of each game. But other fans may buy the game based upon the fact that they have been a fan of the company that produces some of their favorites. 

While it is great that the game has these types of things that game industry nerds know all to well, it is also hard to figure out exactly ho to just make a great game. Sure, it makes a lot of sense when one thinks about it. Not every company knows that they will just put out a game that everyone will love. So, of course, it is hit or miss. It would still be nice to have a better indicator of the perceived quality of one's game before release. 


Now, Game Dev Tycoon is not a game for everybody. It's not something pretty. It doesn't have great music. In fact, it doesn't even have good gameplay. It just has everything that a game industry nerd could want. Consoles come out that are parodies of old gaming consoles from the real world. Consoles will sometimes fail at certain times. The best part is, the time frame is all faithful to what actually happened in real life. The Dreamcast comes out and fails miserably, just as it did outside of the game. Game Dev Tycoon is an amazing experience for any fan of the games industry. 

So, there must be problems, right? Of course. What game doesn't have its issues? Later on in the game, there can be a game-breaking bug that will make one of the characters stop working and just rock in their chair. It's disappointing that such a bug happens, but a lot of people may not encounter it. 

Nonetheless, Game Dev Tycoon is an experience any game industry nerd NEEDS to play. If you aren't into game development sims, stay away. This is not for you. 

Finishing Move:

I loved Game Dev Tycoon and will never forget my experience with it. It was completely faithful to everything that has happened throughout my longstanding hobby. It's a gem if you don't catch any of the game's later bugs.

Game Dev tycoon gets 4/5 lucha masks

Game Dev tycoon gets 4/5 lucha masks