Monaco: What's Yours is Mine Review. OLE!

Developer: Pocketwatch Games

Publisher: Majesco Entertainment (XBLA)

Players: 1-4

Platforms: PC (Steam, developer's site) XBLA

Genre: Stealth, Action

Ever since the heist mission of Grand Theft Auto IV there have been a few attempts to make a heist game that actually feels like a genuine heist. Whether due to people going in with guns blazing or the lack of players working together, these games fail to hit the mark that is expected. Enter Monaco: What's Yours is Mine.

What exactly is Monaco, you ask? This game is a class-based romp through multiple guard-riddled, trap-filled areas that are all topped off with objectives for the single person or crew to finish. But let's put it this way; Monaco is meant to be played with others.


Together, players can choose from multiple characters. Every character has a special ability. One character can see where all of the guards on the screen are as long as they are still, while another character can be faster at picking locks. If a person wants to make their own pathway rather than the typical door, they can use The Mole's sledgehammer to break through walls. 

It turns out that every player will find a character that fits their own preferences, but sometimes it seems as if there is a perfect group for each mission. While some characters are easy to become attached to, they just might not be right for the upcoming heist. 

Depending on the heist, players will get special items. These items range from a noisy, but effective shotgun, to a disguise that will allow players to walk right by a guard without detection. Though these items are given to the players, they can sometimes become more of a nuisance. Shotguns will immediately take down a French-spewing guard, but expect every one of the others to come at the person that shot the gun. 

Monaco has an interesting way to deal with music. It seems minimal, but Austin Wintory's soundtrack can get crazy and sloppy. Not sloppy in a bad way, by any means.  While the soundtrack may seem to play the same for the most part, as soon as guards are alerted, Monaco's music becomes hectic. The fantastic soundtrack speeds up to match the panic-stricken mood. The normal 50's-inspired piano music becomes what almost seems to be a cocaine-induced piano player just slapping keys. The soundtrack is a beautiful mess.


It seems as if the way the soundtrack was described is Monaco as a whole. It's an incredibly simple looking and playing game that can become a mess in the best possible way. Easy gameplay is teemed with great strategy and all topped off with a bow made of the most fun that one can have with other people in a videogame.

Finishing Move:

Personally, I usually do not like multiplayer games. MMOs are meant to be played with others, yet I always go off on my own. I expected the same out of my time with Monaco, but couldn't stop my self from wanting to experience this treasure with another person. Monaco is truly the best multiplayer game to ever hit the gaming world. 

Monaco gets 5/5 lucha masks

Monaco gets 5/5 lucha masks

"Review copy provided by Pocketwatch Games"