New Games Announced at Horizon Indie Game Conference 2013

E3 2013 is a time that excites many gamers. The loud noises, the new tech, the glossy finish on the multi-million dollar AAA titles. But what about the indie games? 

Luckily, in the last few years indie games have gained more and more popularity. If one mentions Super Meat Boy, FEZ, or Braid, most gamers will know exactly what those games are. But where is the coverage on these games? Who would step up to really spotlight these developers in a conference?

This year a conference that could show off indies was announced for the gamers that want to see titles that are a bit off of the beaten path. This conference is called Horizon.  

This year's Horizon started off with an amazing video package that told the story of Double Fine becoming an indie developer with the help of the Kickstarter community. In the video some of the team talked about many of the problems that they had faced with trying to develop AAA experiences-- a total lack of creative control, and how they were thankful to the people for making their dreams come true. Throughout the video Broken Age was shown in ways that the people that didn't fund the game haven't seen previously. As usual with Double Fine games, the world was gorgeous and had a lot of personality. 

At the end of the video, it was announced that Indie Fund is partnering with Double Fine to make 2 new games, but not much else is known at this time. 

After the Double Fine presentation, two members of Capy Games (Capybara)  showed off more of Below. Below is supposed to be a roguelike with little to no speech involved. It will be up to the player to create their own adventure. 

Up next, Media Molecule took the stage to show Tearaway. As many already know, Tearaway is a game made for the PlayStation Vita. The game looks to be made completely out of construction paper, and that paper can be messed with via noise that the player makes, or by touching the front screen or back touch pad. It's an incredibly cute game that will enchant the people willing to invest their time into the world. It seems as if every time new eyes are put on this game, Tearaway garners more interest. 

When Media Molecule was done with their demo of Tearaway, Die Gute Fabrik  took to the stage to show off the games featured in Sportsfriends

In their announcement, these gentlemen talked about the new visuals and gameplay features being added to Johhan Sebastian Joust

Also in the Sportsfriends bundle, Die Gute Fabrik showed off Super Pole Riders (Premium version of Pole Riders Flash game) . Super Pole Riders is a 4-player couch co-op game where 4 people have pole vault sticks, and they attempt to knock a ball hung high above into the other team's goal. Nothing story-driven, but it's a really neat concept from the creator of QWOP

When Die Gute Fabrik stop showing Sportsfriends, they announced a new title called Mutazione. This is a very beautiful adventure game that is based around a woman that was just in a terrible accident. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a new world with strange individuals that she must learn about. To add to this interesting world, there is a gardening mechanic that is unlike any other before it. Certain plants make certain music. Adding these plants together allows the game's music to change into whatever the music that the player has created by planting their garden. It's an interesting title that any fan of adventure games should definitely keep their eyes on. 

Whilst taking notes on this conference, a game called Honeyslug was shown. While it's a beautiful and amazingly colorful world, I was left uncertain as to what this PlayStation 4 title was. 

Up next was one of the developers behind The unfinished Swan, Little Flag Software, to show off Kachina. Kachina is a game unlike any other game. The player controls a hole. Yes, a hole. As the hole swallows more things in the world, it gets larger. Sure, this doesn't sound like a lot of fun, but as soon as somebody sees this game, they will want it immediately. It's a cool idea, with even cooler attention to detail. 

While all of these things were great, one moment put them all to shame. All of the sudden a weird trailer started playing. A line appeared across the screen. Whenever a bell tolled, the line got bigger to show vague images. Soon, lasers started flying around the screen to reveal... FEZ II!

All-in-all, this conference was a good first step for an indie alternative to E3. There were no cars on stage, no explosions, no giant screens, and no business men to just tell the audience what they wanted to hear. Here's hoping that the momentum continues into next year. 

To watch the conference on delay, click here