Skulls of the Shogun: Bon-A-Fide Edition is Coming to Steam Later This Month!

Skulls of the Shogun, an original and exciting take on the somewhat tired turn-based strategy genre, was released back in January of this year on Microsoft based platforms. This title took players through the after life as they guide the fallen General Akamoto on his journey to discover who betrayed him on the day of his greatest battle. With a 10+ hour campaign, a surprising amount of strategic depth and an equally strategic multi-player, there is little (if anything) to hate about Skulls of the Shogun.

The absolutely fantastic art style, the very chill, relaxing Japanese themed music and the overall entertaining game-play contribute to the wonderful experience that is Skulls of the Shogun. While the current beta available through pre-ordering doesn't have much in he way of Bon-A-Fide Edition content, the core experience that was available via Microsoft services several months ago is still as solid as ever. 

The Bon-A-Fide Edition will allow players to charge through all of the content found in the original title, but this time around there is quite a bit more to enjoy!

- A new mini-campaign known as The Forgotten Isles puts players in charge of a new protagonist who is searching for the fallen General Akamoto. This campaign will last  4 levels and features a new progression system which, since troops now carry over from one level to the next, will require  players to formulate a long term strategy, something new to Skulls of the Shogun. 

- The fantastic multi-player is getting 6 new maps - 3 two-player maps, 1 three-player map and 2 four-player maps, all of which are based in the Forgotten Isles. In total, there will be a whopping 36 multi-player maps included in the Bon-A-Fide Edition. 

- A brand new playable character, the Tanuki Monk, is also being introduced. He, along with his "boisterous bells", will use his spells to shift the battlefield, disrupting enemy strategies in the most mischievous of ways.

There is much more to be found here in the Bon-A-Fide Edition, all of which can be viewed at the official Skulls of the Shogun website!

The Bon-A-Fide edition is currently available for pre-order here for $11.99. Those who pre-order receive multi-player beta access, the first chapter of the campaign and, of course, the full game once it is released on Steam in late July.