Rogue Legacy and Criticism of its "Gay Trait"

Videogames are still looked at as a medium for childish fun. It is rare that people look at the subject matter and think that a game could explore other serious topics.  Sometimes games on our screens throw off a dark and gritty vibe, while other games can look whimsical and still convey a message of the same magnitude. 

Recently Rogue Legacy has come under some unfair criticism. Before we get to that criticism, let's talk about what Rogue Legacy is. 

Rogue Legacy is a colorful game about the journey of a knight through an ever-changing castle. To make it through the castle, the warrior in question must defeat four big baddies to open a final door to finish off the castle's main guardian. If the player-controlled character parishes, one of their children must take over the task at hand.  

Just like any family, the offspring have different traits. While some may be colorblind or have I.B.S., others may have traits that seemingly do nothing i.e. gay.  

When one plays Rogue Legacy with the gay trait, they will notice that the character doesn't act in any sort of manner. They are just a normal warrior with the same actions as any other character of their class build. Sound familiar? It turns out that this is much like how it is in the real world.  

Outside of the game world, the gay community do not have a trait that makes them any different. What makes them different is their sexual preference. And it turns out that in Rogue Legacy there are no in-bedroom scenes. In fact, Rogue Legacy isn't even a game that features anything to do with falling in love. 

This isn't to say that Rogue Legacy's gay trait doesn't do anything. Indeed, it does have some sort of effect in the game, but that is a bit of a spoiler to the end of the game. So, prepare yourself because I am about to spoil exactly what happens.


If the player ends up beating the game with any character, they will see them walk all the way back through the castle while the credits scroll. As soon as those credits end, the player will see that the main character is reunited with their family. 

If the warrior that has made it through the castle is gay, they will go back to their family. This includes some children and a spouse of the same gender. YES, THAT IS ALL!

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Feel disappointed? Some will. 

The main issue is that some still think that games can't handle a subject such as homosexuality in a mature manner. It just turns out that Cellar Door Games handled this subject with the most maturity that anybody could have asked for. 

Being gay doesn't mean that a person is weaker, and it sure as hell doesn't mean that they must flap a wrist or scream in a high pitch.  

It turns out that a person is a person, gay or straight.