The Night of the Rabbit Review

Developer: Daedalic Entertainment

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

Players: 1

Platforms: PC, Mac (Steam)

Genre: Adventure, Indie

Not enough games come along that are just plain charming, but The Night of the Rabbit is certainly one of those games. This game bleeds charm and is full of whimsy as well. The Night of the Rabbit takes you on the journey of a young Jeremiah Hazelnut who wants to have some adventures on his last few days of summer vacation. Young Jerry will not only find that adventure, but it will be a lot more than he expected. You see, Jerry has always been into magic and one day wishes to become a great magician. That day has come as he encounters the Marquis de Hoto, the magical rabbit who will lead Jerry on his adventure. 

You encounter the Marquis after a bit of exploration and some puzzle solving in which you find a magician's chest. By figuring out the puzzle surrounding the chest you're able to bring him forth and he sees the magical potential in young Jeremiah Hazelnut. He will offer Jerry an apprenticeship which will take him to worlds he could never imagine. You see, the Marquis is a portal walker and can move from various different worlds all centered around a tree that Jerry has known his whole life.

The glory of Mousewood!

The first place the Marquis takes you is to the town of Mousewood which is filled with....well, mice. These are no ordinary mice as they can speak and have a whole culture in their miniature town that the average human has never seen. There aren't just mice in the town, and you see a lot of different creatures to make up the cast of eclectic characters such as Plato the frog or Konrad the wise old Owl. You will encounter a lot of interesting and fun characters in this game, and it will keep you entertained for hours. One of the game's biggest draws is that it has a lot of life in the characters and it stays interesting throughout the experience. With the characters and the vast mysteries this world provides it will keep you coming back for more. 

Night of the Rabbit is a beautiful experience. The hand drawn art is some of the best I have ever seen, and it's gorgeous to look at. The art is what will initially draw you into the world, but the character that world has is what will keep you coming back. Every place you visit feels unique due to the art style, and it's all just amazing. You couldn't ask for a better art style to draw you into a game such as this. 

A fun way to do a tutorial!

The art is only the beginning of this well crafted adventure. The voice acting in this game is top notch, and will keep you engaged with the characters. They even made the tutorial entertaining, which isn't easy, by having you literally speak to the radio as it teaches you the simple mechanics. This was a great way to teach the player about the inventory system, and the voice work made it a fun time as well. There are many great moments that will engage you due to the voice work and let's not forget the amazing score. You will feel the whimsy and adventure in every note played during the game, and it helps to suck you into the beautifully crafted experience. 

The Night of the Rabbit is a classic point-and-click adventure game, and you will learn that right off the bat. The adventure game genre works well when it comes to telling a story. The puzzles are interesting, and definitely provide a challenge to the player. It takes a lot of thought to solve the puzzles, and sometimes you just have to take it one step at a time to have that "EUREKA!" moment. There are a lot of those moments in this game, and you get a nice rush when you figure them out. However, this isn't anything new to the genre and it'll have a tough time bringing in players who don't normally play these kinds of games. 

Meet the Marquis de Hoto, full of whimsy!

Finishing Move: The Night of the Rabbit is one amazing journey and it's worth checking out. It will pull you in with its amazing hand drawn art. The whimsical characters will keep you playing this game just to see what happens next and they are enhanced by the great voice acting and excellent score. There is a lot to love about The Night of the Rabbit and the puzzles are challenging yet rewarding. However, it doesn't really do anything new for adventure games and if they're not your thing it probably won't change your mind. I do encourage you to let it try though!

The Night of the Rabbit gets 4/5 Lucha Masks

This game was obtained by the reviewer from the publisher Daedalic Entertainment.