Infested Planet Preview. OLE!

 Developer: Rocket Bear Games

Platform:  PC (Steam, official website)

Genre: Real Time Strategy

 Players: 1


At first glance, Infested Planet comes off as the typical squad based RTS affair. You wouldn't be entirely wrong in that assumption, but this particular title does change it up a bit. While all of the mechanics that you'd expect to see from this genre are present, such as a top down perspective and the ability to build defensive turrets, 'mutations' change the way that the AI and map reacts to the players actions. In turn, this adds a simple yet satisfying degree of depth. The alien Hives, which must be destroyed to advance, might start healing aliens who are nearby or the wave like hordes of enemies will start moving at an incredible pace. 


As stated before, Infested Planet IS a rather simplistic, typical title for the genre so there is never too much which is entirely out of the ordinary. The primary objective of the game, in most cases, is to simply move through the map and destroy any alien hives. Despite all of this, however, the game never feels old. It features all of the tried and true mechanics of the RTS genre along with its simplistic overall objective, but the mutations add just enough originality here and there to give the player a feeling of satisfaction. 

The first thing people notice upon starting a game isn't necessarily the gameplay though, is it? More often than not the first thing that we notice is the graphical style. Unfortunately, the visuals and music of Infested Planet, in its current beta stage, are nothing to really write home about. Most environmental textures are glitchy or non existent and the music does little more than get in the way of any other sounds. Hope is not lost, however. Environments seen in screenshots and trailers are vibrant, filled with life and truly give the impression that you're fighting on an alien planet. 

Finishing Move:

One of the most important questions is whether or not Infested Planet is worth your time. In its current beta stage the gameplay appears to be working the way it should, the only serious problem being that more often than not there are no environmental textures outside of SOME of the walls. The only real advantage to buying it during 'early release' is that you save a couple of bucks. All of that being said, it is shaping up to be a fun experience. So long as too much isn't changed on its way to a final release, Infested Planet will certainly be worth your time come release, the main selling point being the mutations mechanic.

To learn some more about Infested Planet you can visit their website here!