In-Ring Debut: A First Impression of Betrayer

The year was 2013 and the gaming world was full of uninspired and just plain generic first-person shooters. Sure, some games in the perspective did something new, but most of the genre was the same old military shooter of duty...

Now, this doesn't mean the genre had to be like that. In fact, some games decided to add a unique twist to the genre. Some companies like Blackpowder Games decided to try something new and interesting, and something new and interesting is what they have achieved. 

While Betrayer is still in Steam's Early Access program, and currently in alpha, it is something to see and experience. 

Betrayer is unforgiving in its delivery. As soon as the game starts, there is an instant feeling of foreboding. A wrecked ship sits behind the protagonist, and there is really no explanation as to what is going on. Personally, I like not knowing what the hell is happening. I like knowing that I have to learn what the world is all about.  


Soon enough arrows with notes start shooting statues, and it is up to the player to figure out how to survive the upcoming enemies and the horror of the world of Betrayer. 

The player starts out with a bow, a sword, and some tomahawks, but will soon find themselves being able to obtain muskets and other weapons from the game's time period. The weapons of Betrayer aren't exactly going to just take down an enemy. Enemies are quick and tough, but never feel too unfair while in combat.

Now, while I do like what Betrayer offers right now, I did run into some issues.  

Betrayer, like many games in their alpha stage, is obviously having its kinks worked out. But in its current Early Access form, the writing is just too small. I find myself wanting to get involved with the story, but I just can't see the words. I am guessing what is going on and hoping that I am correct.  

As previously mentioned, I feel that the combat is pretty fair, but there is something about getting killed by one melee attack from an enemy and then having to restart at a far-away checkpoint. The checkpoint system leads me all the way back to a camp where I can buy more arrows or shots for my musket, yet never having enough loot to buy myself some stopping power in my fights against my foes. This sometimes leaves me with just a blade and crossed fingers. Not to mention the lack of knowing where to go because of the compass at the top of the screen being hard to read due to how it just blends with the black and white color palette. 

Thankfully, I have only run into ONE bug. Yes, one bug in a game in its alpha state. The bug was as simple to fix as swinging my sword. A simple fix that I couldn't even get upset about.  

In its current state in Steam's Early Access, at a price of $13.49, I could sway back-and-forth on recommending the game to consumers. In some moments I can't recommend the game due to the small problems that I end up shutting the game off for, while at other times I know this game has the potential to be game of the year. I love what this game has in store for the future and it should be high on any game lover's list of games to play.