Legend of Dungeon Review. OLE!

Developer/Publisher: RobotLovesKitty

Platforms: PC (Steam,  Developer's site)

Players: 1-4 (Local Co-Op)

Genre: Proceduarally-Generated, Hack-and-Slash

Release Date: September 13, 2013


The indie game space is filled with a mass quantity of procedurally-generated roguelikes. Sometimes they are great, while other times... Well, they try. Legend of Dungeon is a game in this genre, but it carves out its own niche.

LoD is a game based upon a completely randomized experience for each player, every time. Whether it is a layout of one of the 26 floors, the items that drop for the player, or the massive playlist of music that looms in the background, Legend of Dungeon delivers a special experience every time the game is started.


Where does one even jump into Legend of Dungeon? It's a game that offers the ability to hop into the action immediately and feel satisfaction on the highest level. While combat can be incredibly slow-paced at first, it never feels as if the player is being cheated. If the combat feels slow there is a huge amount of items that can be gathered throughout the rooms in the dungeon. Sometimes these items are unique types of armor that can allow players to wear a gerbil that chucks items at enemies for the player, or a weapon in the form of a cat that the player holds to shoot laser beams out of the feline's eyes. There's always something new to be discovered, and those discoveries are only a part of the magic that this game holds.  

To go along with the magical feeling of the weapons, Legend of Dungeon is a massive kick to the eyes. Not the type of kick that leaves one hurting. No, this is the kick to the orbital sockets that somehow makes a person fall in love with the sight of an angelical goddess. While looking at a screenshot of LoD can be interesting, it is the act of seeing this game move in front of your eyes that releases a weird feeling that seems to be missing when a person plays another game. When the player enters the first area of the game, it looks like a mess. It's a simple brown  bar with a few NPCs, but when the player enters the first  room with enemies they will see what sets this game apart. 

The controlled character looks as if they are made out of a sheet of paper that is walking around a diorama. To add to this effect, torches give off a light that casts a shadow from the character and the surrounding enemies. It is honestly one of the coolest visuals to behold in any videogame. 

While Legend of Dungeon is a great game, it does suffer from one minor problem. While playing a single-player game of LoD, the player can feel outnumbered, and ill-equipped for the task presented to them.   Fortunately, things like this are normal, and to be expected from a randomly-generated game like this, and can add a new challenge or players that hate having their hand held through modern games. 


Legend of Dungeon is a game that can bury itself into a person's heart and make them fall in love with it. There is always a new challenge in every playthrough, and a certain sense of satisfaction to be had whenever a floor of the dungeon is cleared. It's a feeling that hasn't been matched since in a long time. 

Finishing Move

I loved every second I spent with Legend of Dungeon. Nothing felt repetitive, and that was attributed to the massive amount of work that the developers put into this game. The sheer amount of music tracks and different layouts for each floor of the dungeon always gave new experience. While I love The Binding of Isaac, it was nice to see that a developer like RobotLovesKitty was willing to break the mold that so many other indie developers try to follow with roguelike  dungeon crawlers. My hat is off to the developers, and I can't wait to see what comes from these brilliant people next. 


Legend of Dungeon gets 4.5/5 lucha masks

Legend of Dungeon gets 4.5/5 lucha masks