This Weeks Humble Weekly Sale is Brought to You by Paradox Interactive

You've read the title, but in case you drifted off there for a second, this weeks Humble Weekly Sale is being brought to us by Paradox Interactive!

If you're into games which require you to use your skill, your strategic sense and your natural ability to completely screw over your friends, than this is the bundle for you. This week you can pick up Europa Universalis III (Complete), War of the Roses: Kingmaker, Warlock: Master of the Arcane, Leviathan: Warships, Dungeonland and The Showdown Effect for whatever donation you choose to put forward. If your donation beats the average, which usually sits around 5 dollars, than you can also pick up Crusader Kings II and the smash hit Magicka

You even get the soundtracks for each of these great titles! 

Plenty of great games are to be found in this bundle, especially War of the Roses: Kingmaker, Dungeonland and Magicka. Throw that together with the fact that you're giving a little back to those who need it, what is there to not love about it?