Developer: PikPok

Publisher: Adult Swim Games

Platform:  iOS

There's something to be said about games that are completely ridiculous. Sometimes they are too obscure and turn people off, and at other times they can be addictive and bring a smile to one's face. Luckily for us, GIANT BOULDER OF DEATH is the latter. 

GBOD is a simple game that has the player tilting their iDevice to control a boulder that is hellbent on destroying everything it comes into contact with on its way down a mountain. Sure, there isn't anything to be had in the story department, but PikPok has given something to keep players interested in this title-- missions that unlock new things to crush. With all of that being said, GIANT BOULDER OF DEATH has a few issues. 


It seems as if most games on iPhone's and iPads tend to suffer from the same issues. These issues are either the looping songs that become grating on a person, or they have too many damned advertisements to truly enjoy the experience. Unfortunately this is exactly what GBOD suffers from. Depending on how good of a run the player has, the boulder may roll a good distance, or the player may have a short run due to hitting some sort of obstacle. As soon as that run is over, prepare to hear the same exact music from before, and to see a pop-up advertisement after every run.  Yes, this game is free, but this is supposed to be a game to pass the time, and the ads get more time than the game itself sometimes. 

Finishing Move:

While GIANT BOULDER OF DEATH is fun while it lasts, it is hard to get over the fact that this almost feels like I was just rolling a boulder down a hill to take out my anger on annoying, overly abundant advertisements.

To make matters worse, this is the developer behind Robot Unicorn Attack 2-- a game known for it's fun soundtrack. To only have one looping song is incredibly annoying and jarring at the same time.


GIANT BOULDER OF DEATH gets 2.5/5 lucha masks

GIANT BOULDER OF DEATH gets 2.5/5 lucha masks