Squash Match: Equalize Math Review


Math has always been a tough subject for me. There's just something about my ADHD that won't let me catch on to numbers like I need to. So a game like Equalize Math should be totally out of the question for me, right? Shockingly enough, the answer is no. 

Thanks to the brain of Jordan Goulding of  RainBlade Studios, there is a way to teach people like myself to do low-range addition and subtraction  (-9 to 9) faster in a game that can actually make these lessons fun and engaging through a Tetris-like game.  

Equalize Math isn't a pretty game, but does building towers of numbers need to be? In fact, the color pallet ends up disappearing. Simple greens, reds, and blacks melt away and allows the player to focus on adding a row of 5 numbers to add up to 0 to clear a line of digits. It's truly a simple premise that ends up teaching in the most fun way possible.   

For people that have an aversion to math due to their brain not allowing them to learn math in an easy manner, I heavily recommend this game. For those looking for a challenging way to clear puzzles, this game is also for you. At $1.99 on the iTunes App Store, this game is a steal. 


Finishing Move:

I really enjoyed my time with Equalize Math, and loved the fact that I could tell that I was progressively getting better with crunching numbers. As the lines cleared, the game started moving faster until my brain just couldn't handle adding or subtracting faster. This is a problem with myself and not the game. For what it's worth, I will find myself coming back to this game over and over again.  


Equalize Math gets 4/5 lucha masks

Equalize Math gets 4/5 lucha masks