Secrets of Grindea Preview - It Just Makes Me So Very Happy...

It’s difficult to write something special about a game like Secrets of Grindea when not only do the developers do a fantastic job of informing their fans of what’s going on with their game (via their dev blog), but is still in heavy development.  That being said, something Pixel Ferrets cannot do, despite their apparent ability to create something magical, is properly relay the feelings that one encounters while playing their game. They can try as they wish to convey these feelings, but this is something which can only be acquired through personal experience.

Some people love their fighting games; others have an undying addiction to outsmarting their opponents in strategy titles, but me? I have an unending love for RPGs of all shapes and sizes. The game that broke my RPG cherry, so to speak, was Final Fantasy IX. I didn't get to spend nearly as much time with it as I would have liked to, but from the moment I stumbled through the streets of Alexandria as the adorable Vivi, I knew that this was something I wanted more of. The fantastical worlds, exciting combat and engaging stories immediately pulled me in, and it was a great time to be an RPG fan. Within the few years following my encounter with Final Fantasy IX, I got my hands on wonderful titles like Fable and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Those two games in particular ate up every waking hour of my life, sparking a love in my heart which cannot be properly relayed with mere words.

(I’m getting to the point, just hang in there…)

To continue using Fable and Elder Scrolls as an example, it didn’t take long for even these franchises to grow stale. Fable II was a decent title, though Fable III might as well not even exist. Despite the masses apparent love for Skyrim, it fails in a number of ways and adds up to little more than an ‘ocean with the depth of a puddle’. The genre that I spent years falling deeper and deeper in love with was slowly but surely declining in quality. At this point, I’ve pretty much become disillusioned with games as a whole in many ways. Sometimes a title pokes its head around the corner and reminds me of that love that I once had for the RPG experience, like Dishonored or The Witcher 2, but despite their brilliance they weren't able to bring back that seemingly unending spark of love for RPGs. That being said, they came pretty damn close.

It is here that we finally move past my nice little rant and get to the point…


To put it simply, even though it is still in closed beta, under heavy development and only has about 4 or 5 hours of playable content, Secrets of Grindea has already gone a long way towards rekindling that flame I keep mentioning. If someone came up to me and said that the first hours of a game which is not even close to be finished left such a profound impression upon them, I’d say that they’re being silly. I’m sure that as you read this you might just be saying that very same thing, but that’s exactly what I got from this game. It doesn’t make any damn sense but this game made me feel as though I was once again a child taking a journey through foreign territory and I loved every minute of it.

Secrets of Grindea is attempting to bring back the wonder behind video games that people experienced back in the early 90’s with titles like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Secret of Mana. In fact, Pixel Ferrets is aiming to take the formula behind those legendary titles and not only perfect it, but take it to a whole new level. That’s not an easy feat, to say the least. Once all is said and done, Secrets of Grindea will act as the ultimate love letter to the 2D RPGs of our childhood.

Everything that you’d want to see in a title like this is going to be there. You have a massive, dense world filled with life, a combat system which (even at this early stage) is chock full of variety, an engaging story line and, on top of it all, it is a beautiful sight to look at. If Pixel Ferrets continue on this path, Secrets of Grindea is going to turn out to be the must play RPG of next year. 

To get an in depth look at what Secrets of Grindea is all about, be sure to check out Pixel Ferrets weekly dev blog and follow them on Facebook.

If you'd like to get a chance at entering the closed beta, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page here