Foul Play Review. OLE!

Developer:  Mediatonic 

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Platforms: Steam, XBLA

Genre: Beat 'em up


Y'know, I used to think Castle Crashers was great, and then I played Foul Play. Now I find myself asking one question--  What the hell is a Castle Crasher?

When Castle Crashers came to our screens, it had been a long time since the last time we had a cooperative beat 'em up that really felt special. While Castle Crashers was fun for a while, it seemed to lose steam over time due to its lack of substance after a playthrough or two. 

So, what makes me say that Foul Play makes me forget about Castle Crashers? Well, let's start out with what Foul Play is.  


Foul Play is a game about a man and his faithful companion telling an audience about their adventures in demon hunting. Yes, this is a literal audience consisting of people in a crowd.  That's right!, this story is all told in the form of a play. And just like every play should be, this story is very European (Sorry, Claudio Castagnoli. I stole your line.).

Every single aspect of this game is about entertaining the audience, whether it be the players or the in-game audience. When originally hearing that instead of death causing failure of a level, an entertainment meter at the top of the screen must remain above a certain level, there was a certain amount of skepticism to get over.  It turns out that this is a much more fun way of going about this sort of story and gameplay type. As the meter grows, the crowd starts acting accordingly. Whether it be tandem cheering sessions, or the crowd doing "the wave" , the audience makes this game an even more thrilling experience.  

Now, let's be honest, I enjoy a nice poo-laden joke as much as the next guy, but Foul Play relies on clever storytelling and hilarious stage antics instead of animals that can defecate until a level ends. It's this funnier brand of humor that helps to make Foul Play like it could be a legitimate screenplay. 

As mentioned earlier, Foul Play is a game that offers more than just a story mode-- it offers up three challenges per section of the game. Sometimes these can be challenges that have to do with throwing enemies into breakable objects, to challenges that revolve around a high combo number. If a player completes the three tasks for each section of an act of the play, they will be awarded a charm that they can equip. Each charm adds a unique ability. Some charms allow players to gain more applause for their entertainment meter, while others can offer different unique abilities. 


To match the fun gameplay and story, Foul Play offers up a fantastic musical score that always fits the scene that is being played through at the moment. When the protagonists are aboard a pirate ship, the music has a very nautical feel, and while being stuck inside of a hell gate, the music is very dark and brooding. Foul Play is the perfect example of how to give a game a  proper musical score.  

Foul Play is a game that will stick with players. It's a game all about entertainment. Not just for the audience in-game, but for the audience at home as well. There's not a problem with this game. at all The animations of the enemies, whether defeated or living, are hilarious. The music is stupendous, and the story is perfect for what is presented in each battle. Mediatonic has made something truly brilliant. Stand up, applaud them, and go buy Foul Play now.  

Finishing Move: 

Foul Play was a great experience that I want to live through again. I am not usually a fan of multiplayer games, but I really want to play through this game again with a partner. There's nothing bad to say about this game at all, and that is unusual for any title. I didn't see any glitches, and the story was exactly what I love. Monsters were everywhere in a brawler. What could be better...well, besides luchadors being main characters?


Foul Play gets 5/5 lucha masks

Foul Play gets 5/5 lucha masks