American McGee's Grimm Review

Developer:  Spicy Horse

Publisher: Turner Broadcasting System 

Platforms: Steam, PC

Genre: Adventure, Casual

There's something about growing up loving the stylistic choices of someone like Tim Burton. Things can look completely grotesque, but still have a certain charm to them. Whether the characters are committing atrocities or not, they are still lovable in a certain way. This has seemingly been the choice of the American McGee games as well. And guess what we have here-- it's a copy of American McGee's Grimm. 

Grimm is a game that is as simple to explain as it is to play. In this episodic game from 2008, but just getting it's release on Steam, players get to take a romp through 23 chapters of fairy tales and take control of a Danny DeVito-esque Grimm. Grimm's whole existence is based predicated upon the idea of making these colorful fairy tale lands a darker, dingier land of cruelty and death. 

While this game does have a fun storytelling aspect to it, the way it plays is completely lackluster. As Grimm moves he makes the land and objects dirtier. And as Grimm walks by certain living objects, he turns them into corpses or afflicted creatures that now fail to clean the land that he has already turned dark. Whether it be Grimm just walking or butt stomping, the goal always remains the same through this 8 hour adventure; turn the world dark in order to butt stomp a certain objective to progress to the next area to carry out the same objective in the most tedious manner possible.

Luckily, there are some things about this game that make it a bit more palatable. Grimm has fun whimsical music and an art style that almost makes the game seem like it is made of cardboard. But even these things can't save Grimm from being a forgettable experience.

Finishing Move:
I think Grimm is a neat game in certain ways. The artistic style really stuck out to me. It's just a shame that the gameplay never changed throughout any of the chapters to facilitate a reason for players to stay involved with the overall product. I wanted nothing more than to love Grimm, and even though it's a completely passable game, it doesn't change that I will regrettably forget this game over time.  

American McGee's Grimm gets 2/5 lucha masks.