Why You Should Buy Broforce on Steam Immediately!

Steam's Early Access program is an interesting thing for all gamers that use the platform.  Some of the games that the program sees are basic tech demos, while other games are seemingly half-baked products that leave consumers wondering  why they parted ways with their hard-earned cash. It turns out that it usually seems like the latter of the two given options. 

Fortunately, this is not the case with Broforce from Free Lives. Free Lives has just released Broforce upon the world this past Monday via Steam, and it is a whole hell of a lot of fun. 

Let's talk about what Broforce is, though. Broforce is a side-scrolling shooter that lets players take control of some of the best action stars of all time to take down America-hating terrorists with all of the freedom-wielding bullets that one can handle. Oh... EXPLOSIONS! Did I mention the abundance of explosions?! If something on the screen isn't exploding, the player is doing something wrong. 

Every bullet fired or explosion triggered can vastly change the landscape. Enemies will go down fast, leaving piles of corpses, or the platforms that the action stars tread upon will break apart and leave the player to create their own new way to the final part of the level. This means that you shouldn't have to freak out like a "girly man" when you have destroyed your given pathway. Instead, use those Americanized bullets to rip holes through to the next area.

Why is Broforce worth purchasing on Steam Early Access, you ask? Well, while Broforce currently has developer-created content that stretches out to about an hour of gameplay, the community has the ability to craft some magnificent levels that sometimes rival the developers' levels. The ability to rate community levels also adds an amount of feedback so that one may know if it is worth touching that level. 

Broforce feels like a dream to play, but it's not finished yet. This means that the game can only go up from here. So what is there that should deter people from buying this already amazing product?  I can't honestly give a reason to not buy it in the state that it is in. Free Lives is promising monthly updates until the final release of Broforce. This means more "bros" are still to come, and each will still have different combat types. Also, expect developer-created levels featuring the "xenomorphs" from the Aliens franchise. After all, the screenshot is amazing!

As someone that has always loved games in the vein of Contra, Broforce scratches that itch that is rarely touched upon. In its current state, Broforce is worth every penny of the $14.99. Knowing that there is way more to come means that Broforce can only add more value to the game as time passes. 

So, what is the verdict based upon what is there right now? Buy this bullet-riddled, balls-to-the-wall, action-driven, laughter-inducing game. If you need more reasons to buy Broforce, listen to the interview we recently conducted with Free Lives HERE