Indie Luchador vs Infinitap Games (Neverending Nightmares)

Eric Lee Lewis speaks with Matt gilgenbach to speak about how his mental illness has helped to create one of the most genuinely scary horror games that Eric has seen in a long time. 

Indie Luchador vs Vagabond Dog (Always Sometimes Monsters)

Eric Lee Lewis and Justin Amirkhani of Vagabond Dog speak about one of Eric's most highly-anticipated games of 2014. This is a great interviewer for gamers and developers alike. 

Indie Luchador vs Blackpowder Games (Betrayer)

Eric Lee Lewis sits down with Craig Hubbard of Blackpowder games to speak about the evolution of Betrayer and Craig's career path from Blood to Betrayer.

Indie Luchador vs Spearhead Games Part 2 (Project Cyber, Tiny Brains)

In part 2 of the Spearhead Games interview Eric Lee Lewis is joined by Simon Darveau to speak about his take on Project Cyber, Tiny Brains, and the upcoming "Indie Luchadwarf" character.