Episode 4: Yawhg Leech Demon Baby Session

This week's hosts:
Eric Lee Lewis
Trevor Osz
Nicolae Berbece (Designer of Concerned Joe)
Jovan St. Lawrence
Michael Hewitt

Hola, senors y senoritas! 

This week's episode starts out completely normal, but quickly becomes one of the most fun moments that any of us have ever had. 

Sure, the cast starts out talking about what they have been playing, but they quickly get into talking about indie devs needing a publisher to get their games onto the Xbox One..

After that quick debate, it's time to play a really cool game that release tomorrow. The Yawhg ends up leading the guys to constant laughter and pure fun. 

Also, don't forget to vote for The Yawhg on Steam Greenlight.

If you want to see the document, here it is: