Indie Luchador vs. Brent Sodman from Dodge Roll Games (Enter The Gungeon)

The PlayStation Experience came and went. There were multiple games that we got to learn more about, but there were some things that were unveiled at the event.

One of these games was Dodge Roll Games' Enter the Gungeon. No, that's not a typo. It's a gun-centric dungeon crawler with multiple influences. 

Eric was joined by Dodge Roll's Brent Sodman to speak about what influenced this awesome gungeon-crawler, Devolver Digital's Fork Parker and his crazy habits, crossovers, and how Steam keys are made.

Grab your favorite gun, shoot randomly throughout your house (DON'T REALLY DO IT. ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS?), and listen to the sweet sound of Eric and Brent making interview love to your tight little ear holes.