Fallen Monument vs. Nicolae Berbece (Those Awesome Guys)

There is a new Indie Luchador in town and he's not Eric Lee Lewis. I would like to say that with this first interview under my belt, I hope that I can fill these incredibly big shoes. Here's a bit about me before we go any further:

I'm Mike-- also known as FallenMonument on Twitch TV. I'm a video game streamer by day. By night... Well, I stream then as well. I love indie games and rogue-likes. 

Now that that's out of the way, what's up, Jerks? Feast your ears on this sweet, sensual interview that I totally wasn't naked for while recording. I got a chance to talk to the creator of Move Or Die, Nicolae Berbece. Move or Die has become one of my favorite games to stream when I'm playing with Friends. It's like an insanely fast and colorful screaming match with a game underneath.