Indie Luchador & Friends - Episode 2 or 3 - Alix and Calvin (RobotLovesKitty)


Another episode of Indie Luchador and Friends is here. 

When Eric goes through his list of favorite guests ever, RobotLovesKitty always lands near the top.

As a husband and wife team that don't want to kill one another, Alix and Calvin make some new and innovative games that scratch that itch you didn't know you had. 

This podcast is all about Alix and Calvin's weird road from living in a tree house just so they could make games, to having a a normal roof over their heads and creating a brand new type of experience that blows the Indie Luchador's mind. 

Prepare for lots of talk about RobotLovesKitty's upcoming title Upsilon Circuit and some talk about their previous release Legend of Dungeon. 

As usual, Eric tries to get some inspiration for the listeners to get into the games industry, but the team explains why it could be a good AND bad idea.

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