Episode 104 - December 15, 2016 - Cuppa PPV Reviews & WWE Roadblock Preview

Lots to talk about this week as JB & Matt cover the ROH Final Battle and WWE TLC pay per views that occurred over the past couple of weeks, along with setting the stage for this weekend's WWE Roadblock PPV.  They also cover this week's television including Raw, Smackdown, 205 Live, and NXT, as well as headlines such as the newest Bullet Club member, thoughts on upcoming ROH contract situations, and much more.

Episode 103 - December 1, 2016 - Stop Looking At Me Swann!

JB & Matt bring you the first podcast of December this year with headline updates on the TNA v. Billy Corgan situation, Cody Rhodes is a champion once again, a very welcome addition to the WWE Network tape library, and much more.  They also talk about the debut episode of 205 Live, preview the upcoming PPV ROH Final Battle, as well as Raw, Smackdown, and NXT.  Finally they give their predictions on this weekend's WWE Tables Ladders and Chairs PPV.

Episode 102 - November 25, 2016 - Two Hands & A Fighting Chance

LITMC gets back on the regular schedule this week with recaps of Raw and Smackdown detailing the fallout from Survivor Series as well was this week's NXT that included matches prior to Takeover in Toronto.  They also catch you up on headlines from the past couple weeks including an update on the TNA v. Billy Corgan situation, a new ESPN 30 for 30 regarding the XFL, the Joey Styles firing situation, and much more.

Episode 100 - October 28, 2016 - The LITMC 100th Episode WWE HIAC Preview

It's pretty surreal, but JB & Matt have already hit 100 episodes of Lost In The Midcard.  On this milestone episode they talk at length of the court happenings regarding Billy Corgan v. Dixie Carter.  They also cover several headlines including information on WrestleMania 33, Jericho's next book, and much more.  Finally they cover NXT, Raw, and Smackdown Live before they throw down their predictions for this weekend's Hell In A Cell pay per view.

Episode 99 - October 21, 2016 - EllsworthMania Running Wild

EllsworthMania has been running wild all over Smackdown Live brother!  JB & Matt talk about the rise of Ellsworth and how the WWE World Championship match went down this week on Smackodwn. They also talk about the surreal and emotional return of Goldberg on Monday Night Raw, as well as ROH and NXT this week.  Headlines include an update on the TNA lawsuits, and the addition of one more, update on Paige's surgery, and much much more!

Episode 98 - October 14, 2016 - WWE No Mercy Review and MUCH More

As JB & Matt push towards episode 100, this week has a LOT going on.  They talk about their initial thoughts on WWE 2K17 which released this week, the Paige suspension saga, Billy Corgan suing TNA, their No Mercy review, and this week's television.  Other headlines this week include Alberto Del Rio on The Taz Show, BOLA on DVD and Blu Ray, when Lesnar will return to Raw, and much more!

Episode 97 - October 6, 2016 - WWE No Mercy Preview / TNA Sale Update

Some new revelations regarding the sale of TNA have surfaced as JB & Matt breakdown the rumors and what it means to all parties involved.  Smackdown has a PPV Sunday as well with No Mercy and they make their predictions for what is going to happen, headlined by the triple threat for the WWE Championship between Dean Ambrose, John Cena, and champion AJ Styles.  They also cover this week's television, TNA's Bound For Glory, and ROH's All Star Extravaganza plus a lot of headlines.

Episode 96 - September 29, 2016 - The Future's Up In The Air For TNA

The TNA for sale saga is ramping up as JB & Matt breakdown what they know so far and what could be happening if Dixie sells to Vince McMahon or Billy Corgan.  They also review the first Raw after Clash of Champions and Smackdown Live for the week, and cover headlines including updates on Elias Samson, DeVon Dudley, Finn Balor, and the cruiserweights.  Also they breakdown the latest news that has been released for WWE 2K17.

Episode 95 - September 26, 2016 - WWE Clash Of Champions Review

JB & Matt take an extensive look into last night's WWE Clash of Champions pay per view.  A show that had some great wrestling, but was riddled with bad booking.  They breakdown every match on the card and also look ahead at what is next for all of the titles and major wrestlers.  This month's 5 Count will cover the five best things to happen since the brand split, and JB unveils his new Ultimate Power Rankings that cover WWE, TNA, and ROH.

Episode 94 - September 23, 2016 - WWE Clash Of Champions Preview

JB & Matt bring you their preview of the first Raw branded PPV of the new brand split era with Clash of Champions including their thoughts on Raw and predictions for the PPV.  They also cover the past couple weeks of NXT, along with the finals of the CWC and Smackdown.  Lots of headlines this week as well including Cody Rhodes' debut in TNA, WWE 2K17 news, updates on Paige and Luke Harper, and much much more!

Episode 93 - September 14, 2016 - WWE Backlash Review & More

After a short hiatus, JB & Matt are back with their review of the first Smackdown-only pay per view of the new brand split with WWE Backlash, along with their reactions to the Raw and Smackdown following.  They also breakdown the amazing Delete or Decay between the Hardy's and Decay on Impact Wrestling this past week.  They cover NXT and last week's CWC to get you ready for tonight's finale, as well as a lot of headlines from the past couple of weeks.

Episode 92 - September 1, 2016 - Champ Owens Champ

This week JB & Matt cover the big championship win for Kevin Owens, along with all television this week, including a very emotional night in the Crusierweight Classic.  They also break down ROH's Death Before Dishonor and we're they're going to go from here.  This week's headlines include an update on Finn Balor, Ryback, The Dudley's, Alberto Del Rio, and much more.  They also pay tribute to the late great Mr. Fuji who passed away this week.

Episode 91 - August 25, 2016 - WWE 2K17 Roundtable & SummerSlam Aftermath

A supersized edition of Lost In The Midcard comes at you today with a very special roundtable with Trevor Osz and Charles Shane joining Matt & JB to talk about WWE 2K17 and what has been announced so far.  They go in-depth with what worked well and didn't work well on 2K16 and talk about what 2K17 needs to do to be successful.  After this special segment, JB & Matt return to their regularly scheduled LITMC talking this week's television and headlines that include Finn Balor's injury, an update and the Dudleys, and much more!

Episode 90 - August 22, 2016 - NXT Takeover Brooklyn II & WWE SummerSlam Reviews

JB & Matt break down a wild weekend in professional wrestling with NXT Takeover Brooklyn II and SummerSlam.  They provide their thoughts one what was an awesome show on Saturday and a decent show on Sunday.  JB gives his Ultimate Power Rankings and also provides the 5 Count for this month with the greatest minds ever in professional wrestling.  They also cover some headlines including Joey Styles, Bobby Roode, The Rock, Sasha Banks, and more, then look to the future for what's next for NXT and the WWE.

Episode 89 - August 19, 2016 - PPV Prediction Spectacular Show

A big wrestling weekend is previewed on this show as JB & Matt make their predictions for Ring Of Honor's Death Before Dishonor on Friday, NXT Takeover Brooklyn II on Saturday, and WWE SummerSlam on Sunday.  There are a ton of headlines to talk about as well including a few Wellness Policy violations, a new day-to-day boss of TNA, the Taz Show after SummerSlam and much more.  They also talk about this week's television that sets up the PPV's for this weekend.

Episode 88 - August 11, 2016 - MOTY Contender In CWC Shines Brightest

A shorter episode this week as basically this is a calm before a huge storm next week with three pay per view quality shows to preview.  This week JB & Matt talk headlines including the firing of Joey Styles, Ryback and Cody Rhodes updates, Conor McGregor talking trash to the WWE wrestlers, among others.  They also cover this week's television where Smackdown took another win in the Brand Split Wars, and also talk about a match of the year candidate from the Cruiserweight Classic between Cedric Alexander and Kota Ibushi.

Episode 87 - August 4, 2016 - Pro Wrestling Is On Fire

Lots of good pro wrestling this weekend between Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and the Cruiserweight Classic.  JB & Matt breakdown those television shows this week as we head towards SummerSlam in just a couple of weeks.  They also talk headlines this week including a release of a former Tough Enough competitor, good news on Lucha Underground for LITMC listeners, your weekly Cody Rhodes update, and much more!

Episode 86 - July 28, 2016 - Post-WWE Draft Reaction To Raw & SD Live

The "New Era" has begun!  JB & Matt will breakdown the first Raw and Smackdown after the WWE Draft and let you know how each show fared creatively.  They also cover a Facebook Live Q&A sessions with Cathy Kelley and Joey Styles where Joey would speak his mind on a lot of subjects, so much so, the WWE pulled the link, but they got to watch and will break it down as it was really good.  In addition to all of the television this week, they also cover headlines such as Brock Lesnar's suspension decision for the WWE, Matt Hardy's Tweets, the ROH Death Before Dishonor card, and much more!

Episode 85 - July 25, 2016 - WWE Battleground Review

JB & Matt bring their instant thoughts on what was a good WWE Battleground pay per view last night, that included a match of the year candidate in Kevin Owens v. Sami Zayn and a great triple threat match between former Shield members for the WWE Championship.  They cover a few headlines between the last show and this, along with this month's 5 Count ranking the top targets for Vince McMahon and Triple H to sign in 2016, and JB's Ultimate Power Rankings covering ROH, TNA, WWE, and NXT.