The N-Word Episode 19 (The Lost Episode)

OH BOY! This one got lost in the sea of Marcus' ineffectual editing and craziness. Sorry for the delay folk, things got hectic in our world. But here is out lost episode recorded at the a while ago. But there are plenty of awesome things still inside. Take a listen!

The N-Word Episode 18

Episode 18 introduces the new "Infinity Gauntlet" segment, where we talk about 5 nerd topics. Matt, Marcus and (a returning) Damian also talk about Marvel's films and if they are actually good films or just a good time.

The N Word Batman Special

This week is a special episode where Matt and Marcus talk Batman for the entire time. They talk news about the new films and video game, but also talk about their favorite stories, and how the character effected them.

The N Word E3 Special

A Special look at all our favorite stuff from E3 with Marcus, Matt and special guest Damian Lynch. We talk all three systems and get real metaphysical about the concept of VR gaming. Spoiler: It makes Matt real uncomfortable. 

The N Word Episode 17

What happened?! The N Word is back this week with a Marvel corner and a DC corner. And in this extra sized episode hear Marcus, Matt, Dave and Pat (YES, THAT PAT LANE!) break down a lot of comic book topics this week.

The N Word Episode 16

This week we rebrand the podcast in a hope to get consistent and force off the impending lawsuit that Stevie Richards is coming after us with...

Also we talk the trailers for Star Wars, Batman v Superman, and the crazy new tv shows. Also, Marcus finally was GOTG, and he kind of wants to talk about it now...

Nerdburgh Podcast Episode 14

Whoa! It's a Nerdburgh Episode so good that we waited WEEKS to post it...


Er, or it's what we will call a lost episode. Enjoy this week as we unveil our new segments, talk comics and remind everyone that we don't take anything seriously.

Nerdburgh Podcast Episode 13

This week's Nerdburgh Podcast has Marcus, Matt and Dave back to talk about the big movie news. Spider-man joins Marvel, Female Ghostbusters, Suicide Squad and more. Check out this action packed episode.

Spider-man 3 Part 2

Come join Marcus and Matt on Part 2 of their journey to the center of the death of a franchise. Check out all the great moments as Peter Parker gets real emo, Marcus gets real drunk, and Matt gets REALLY angry.

Episode 11

Episode 11 features Matt, Dave and Marcman back again. This time they talk comics (as always) the Sony Hack, and finish up with their favorite things of 2014. It's an episode that was recorded before Christmas to get ahead, and then Marcman screwed it up by not posting it! Enjoy!

Episode 10

Matt, Marcus and Dave are back together again. This time they talk about the new Star Wars Trailer, the shocking reveal of Sting in the WWE, the fate of Marvel Comics characters and finish it all up with a video game mashup. It's an episode so good that Marcus forgot to post it for 3 days....