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Issue #7 - The Sadness of Ben Affleck

Welcome to issue number 7 of the Project Comics podcast! In this issue, Trevor Osz, Pat Lane, Russ Bloom, and Derrick Ferrell talk about the latest comic books on shelves, a bit about the renumbering of Legacy, some D23 news, Danny Glover, and more Spider-Man Homecoming spoilers at the end (we'll tell you when to turn it off if you wish to avoid them!)

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Issue #0 - An Origin Story...kind of

Trevor talks about the's not much of an origin story but a group of friends will assemble to talk about comic books on the internet! Sounds like fun, this is the preview episode where I talk about what the podcast is going to be and what the plans are. Check it out and be on the lookout for Issue #1 True Believers! 

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