Thoughts For Nostalgia: Megaman Zero

Like most of my online purchases, there always seems to be that one site I frequent often and I'm sure many have as well. It's a little known place called Amazon, where not only can many items be found but within a suitable price range too. One day as I was adding future purchases to my wish list, I stumbled upon the Megaman Zero Collection. This particular collection combined all four Megaman Zero titles inside one SD card. Four titles for the price of $18; needless to say, there was no need for my wish list.

During my time in junior high, this series took up plenty of my gaming sessions, in addition to causing some pain to my hands. Megaman Zero is not a game to take lightly and could be considered some of the hardest Megaman titles in the whole franchise. I never did have the chance to play the original, (I skipped right into the sequel) but with the collection in hand, it was time for me to remedy that fault. Of course, I died more times than I care to admit. Like a majority of Megaman titles, timing and careful observation is required-- especially against the boss characters.

In-game screenshot of Zero battling miniboss

In all honesty, Megaman Zero felt very dated to me. This game made its debut late 2002, more than a decade has passed since it arrived on the GameBoy Advance. The dialogue felt choppy throughout the entire game, leaving me to often question why I bother reading the texts anyway. There's no doubt when I look at this title, I immediately recognize GBA visuals and methods. With all this said, I still found enjoyment to be had during the 2 hours it took for me to finish the game. 

Never noticed as a kid but these games are painfully short. As I previously said, it took me about 2 hours to complete Megaman Zero. Granted, games 13 years ago didn't cost as much as they do now, not to mention that almost all Megaman titles could be finished rather shortly. Well, that is if players aren't constantly dying.

I've always liked Megaman (the X version to be precise), but when I first spotted Zero in Megaman X, it was immediate love at first sight. Since then, Zero stood above Megaman even when I had to play as the Blue Bomber. Though Megaman Zero really does feel like time got the better of it, I'm extremely glad I bought this collection pack. As of this article, I'm already moving onto the third sequel since I beat MMZ2 already.