Pittsburgh Retro-Gaming Expo 11/15/14

It was a cold November day, but worth going out as I took in the Retro-Gaming Expo (http://pittsburghretrogaming.comat the Pittsburgh Irish Centre. 'Twas a feast for the eyes as well as the soul...the soul that feels the need to stay up all night playing endearingly difficult titles once more. 

The classics that once had you glued to the TV and gave you that reason for the first time to throw your controller across the room (I'm looking at you E.T.)

They really packed a good bit into this hall for the day.  Most of the systems from the beginning to the late 90s were well represented, but you could still find some PlayStation 2 and Xbox titles.

I didn't go in with a hard list of games I absolutely wanted to find, as I wanted to take it all in. 

For the gaming enthusiast, this really had  a little bit of something for everyone --  customized arcade cabinets,  new in-box games and consoles,  used and rare games,  emulator enhancements,  quirky, funny t-shirts,  video game challeges and raffles. There was also eally good local well-priced food and drink.  At one table, they were even running a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Among the vendors representing, 8bit Evolution (http://8bitevolution.com), whom I've met in the past and talked about projects,  bring in previously unreleased and foreign titles. They revamp and translate them for the American audience. They had lots of gaming accessories, shirts and customized systems

Another local vendor Penn Hills Game Exchange (http://www.pennhillsgames.com), who sell current and used titles, foreign and hard to find titles, and a full arcade in the shop, which are all playable at an hourly rate so you can save your quarters. 


The Expo finished off with music from Dethlahem, who played some heavy metal with gaming flair. 

This was a wonderfully executed expo.  Maybe a bit small for the crowd that came, because it got cramped quickly and often as people wandered in and around, but that's what also gave it a wonderful atmosphere and made this a nice event.  I definitely plan on making a list and attending again next year.