Cosplay Feature - Gearstation Cosplay

The first time I ever saw Gearstation in cosplay was Halloween a few years ago on our college campus. I was just getting into cosplay at the time and had recently been a little too into Super Smash Bros. Melee, so I was amazed by her Marth costume. Since then we’ve become friends and have been able to do quite a few photoshoots together whenever I visit my college friends. We’ve both improved immensely in craftsmanship in the past few years but one thing has stayed consistent – Lemley is probably the most photogenic person I’ve ever met!

Gearstation: Hi! I’m Lemley and I consider myself a casual cosplayer. I started cosplaying when I was 12, so it’s been about 8 years since I entered the con scene! But I didn’t really get into cosplay as a craft until I hit college.

 Giratina Gijinka cosplay at Youmacon 2014

Giratina Gijinka cosplay at Youmacon 2014

Q: Why did you start cosplaying?

A: I first saw convention photos on someone’s deviantArt journal when I was a wee one… I begged my parents to take me that year as a Christmas present. I couldn’t believe there were places in real life where you could dress up and meet people who liked the same things.

Q: What do you like about cosplaying?

 A: I like the act of working together on costumes with friends because we all have different construction strengths! We all help each other improve our costumes because we can all contribute something unique.

When wearing the cosplay itself, I really like being able to present my love for that character – like, when other people see me cosplaying they know what that character means to me because I went to the trouble of replicating their outfit.

Q: Who was your first cosplay and how do you decide which characters to do?

A: Temari from Naruto… I was very excited about the big fan. I also used my own hair rather than a wig, so the result was a little lackluster but endearing. For me, cosplaying is about dressing up with my friends, so I tend to gravitate towards series that my friends and I are into so we can all cosplay from it together. Other than that I tend to go for my favorite characters!

Q: What’s your favorite convention?

A: I like Katsucon because it’s a pretty location and everyone brings their best costumes so there’s lots of great cosplays to admire. I also enjoy Colossalcon because lots of people theme their costumes around the con’s waterpark atmosphere, so it’s super fun!

Q: What cosplay are you most proud of?

A: Definitely my cosplay of Wadanohara from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. I didn’t rush its construction so I ended up super happy with it. I got to work together with my grandfather on the prop for it, too, which I really enjoyed! Not a lot of people recognize the costume, but it’s cute enough that a lot of people ask for my picture anyway.

 Wadanohara cosplay at Otakon 2014

Wadanohara cosplay at Otakon 2014

Q: Why do you like “Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea”?

A: Wadanohara is a super cute game with a neat premise and really nice character designs! I recommend it if you’re looking for something to cosplay because its designs are really addicting, haha. But it’s got some dubious elements in its storyline so I’d do a little research into it before playing if you’re sensitive to that kinda stuff.

Q: Notice any trends in the characters you choose?

A: I always end up cosplaying doe-eyed characters… My own eyes are huge so it tends to work out, haha.

Q: What do you think about the cosplay community?

A: The community at large has some scary judgmental aspects, but there’s a lot of good in it too—I’ve met my best friends through cosplaying from the same series at the same convention!

Q: What series were you cosplaying from and who were you cosplaying when you met these friends?

A: It was Colossalcon 2013 and I was cosplaying from Dangan Ronpa 2. The game wasn’t fully translated yet so those of us who were into it then were really into it. I was cosplaying Sonia and my friend was cosplaying Souda – a character who has a lot to do with Sonia, so we had an instant connection. (My other friend was cosplaying from Dangan Ronpa 1 but was heavily invested in Souda as a character) We hung out and chatted for the rest of the convention, and we’ve been friends since!

 Gearstation cosplay as Sonia with tumblr users charmsandpandas (Ishimaru) and squidjuice (Souda)

Gearstation cosplay as Sonia with tumblr users charmsandpandas (Ishimaru) and squidjuice (Souda)

Q: Is there anyone you really look up to in the community?

A: I recently started following Quantum Destiny’s Art & Costuming on Facebook. I super admire her wig skills and it helps to read all her tips. Plus she cosplays both cute girls and super shounen Digimon and Dragonball stuff, so her work is very dynamic.

Q: What would you tell someone who’s starting out?

A: Start small! You can work up to your dream cosplays as you get better with sewing and construction. You’ll be happier with your end product that way. Also, go to cons with friends if you can! It’s kinda awkward by yourself. :’D

Q: Do you have any other nerd hobbies?

A: I draw a lot, so my blog is filled with my cosplay and art. I’ve also started collecting figures, so my room is getting kinda decked out in embarrassing nerdy merchandise.

Lemley is a super sweetheart and a really great cosplayer; you should definitely take a look at both her facebook page and her blog. I'll leave you with a photo from one of our shoots this year in our cosplays from Super Dangan Ronpa 2!

 My absolute favorite photo of Lemley and myself as Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu and Peko Pekoyama from SDR2!

My absolute favorite photo of Lemley and myself as Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu and Peko Pekoyama from SDR2!