Mario Star

Happy Christmas everyone! Welcome to the craft that I have literally been waiting to do since I started these articles. Mario Star Tree Topper! I'm not joking when I say that the idea of doing this is what made me want to make any of the crafts at all, and I'm so excited to share this one with you.


For this craft you will need:

  • Poster Board, Thick and Thin Sheets
  • Yellow Fabric
  • Scraps of Black Fabric
  • 1 1/2in Wide Pipe only 2in in Length
  • Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Pattern
  • X-Acto Knife and Scissors
  • Ruler or Measuring Tape
  • Pen or Pencil
  • 10 Light String of Lights, Perferably run on Batteries (optional)

Step One: Pattern

Either draw up or print out an image of the star in the size you want it to be. Try to make it semi proportionate to the tree you have. We have a baby tree, only 4ft tall, so I had to make the star a bit smaller. This is why I got to cheat and print out my star. Here is the image that I used.

Cut out the star itself and one of the eyes for the patterns.


Step Two: Cutting Out

Taking the Star pattern, place it on the thicker poster board and cut the shape out using the X-Acto knife.


Take the star cut from the thick poster board, and tape it down to the thinner poster board. You will want to place this a bit farther from the edge of the board so that you can make the edges. Cut out the star again, Keep this version of the star for future patterns, it's less likely to bend and crinkle.


At the points of the star and the indentations, measure 1.5in away and mark it.


Now connect the dots with a straight line.


Cut the lines that you made around the star.

Cut inward at the points and the indents to the star. This will make 10 small pieces.


Step Three: Build the Star

With the ten side pieces, tape them to the edges of the star, like so.


You will want to tape the inside and outside of the star, so that the edges will stand up straight. Tape the points together as well to add some stability.

Step Four: Cover

Taking your hot glue gun, spread a small amount of glue, around the edge, on one point of the star. I suggest using the glue gun on the lower heat setting, it will give you more control over where the glue spreads. Quickly, lay the yellow fabric over the glue, keeping the fabric smooth and taught. Lightly press to adhere the fabric to the glue without letting the glue bleed through the fabric and discolor the other side.


Note: We are only doing one point at a time in order to keep the glue from drying before we get to place the fabric, slow and steady it will look better in the long run this way.

Repeat this until all five points are attached to the fabric.


Taking your scissors, cut straight through the excess fabric to the indentations of the star. This will allow you to wrap the fabric down the outside of the star.


Hot glue the sides of the star, one at a time, and wrap the fabric around the side. There will be a gap at the indentations of the star we will cover those up later.


After all the sides are covered, hot glue a small seam of fabric to the back of the star, and cut off the excess fabric on the back of the star and at the points of the star.

With the extra fabric, cut out four small triangles. Size them to the gaps at the indentations of the star, and attach them with a small amount of hot glue.


Step Five: Final Touches

If you want the pipe to be a different color now is the time to do it. Mine was already black so I didn't think I needed to change the color, but if you want to take it to the next level feel free to paint the pipe as a warp pipe. It will look adorable!

Select which side you want the bottom of the star to be, and with generous amounts of hot glue attach the small pipe to it. Hold the pipe in place until you are sure that the glue has set. Try to keep the pipe as close to the center of the star as you can, but if it is angled or off a bit do not worry. Once it is on the tree you will be able to position it so that it looks straight. The tree is very forgiving with this project.


Now lets give our little star some eyes. Using the pattern from before, cut out one of the eyes and use it to make two eyes out of the scrap black fabric. This is why you really didn't need a lot of the black it was only for the eyes.

Trying to eye this up as best you can, glue the eyes down in place. Now he can see us.


If you wanted to, you are more than welcome to stop here and the star will still be adorable.... but yea I totally wanted it to light up.

Step Six: Lights

On the back of the star, decide where you want the holes for your lights to go, mark each of these points.


Take your X-Acto knife and punch a small hole at each mark you made. Start by making the hole small and increase the size of it until your lights fit in the hole and stay secured. Slow and steady on this part because you can always make the holes bigger if needed, but you can not make them any smaller.


Place the lights in each of the newly made holes, and give it power!

Step Seven: Light it Up!


I have to say that I literally have been waiting to do this craft since I started these in May. Wanting to make this nerd craft, actually inspired the entire series of crafts that I did. So I truly hope that you enjoyed it. I know that I will be using this star for years to come, so much better than the generic stars you get in the store. Feel free to post any comments and pictures that you may have for this craft, and any future crafts that you may want to see in the future.

From all of us at Nerdburgh and Spiderduck Happy Holidays!

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