Cosplay Feature - WeeabooRiot Cosplay

WeeabooRiot Cosplay is another friend of mine from college who I’ve really gotten to know well through our mutual love of cosplay. She’s been cosplaying for about seven years and attends conventions in the Midwest and on the East Coast. Claire was a freshman when I was a senior in college and had posted on our community Facebook page about being a cosplayer during the summer. The first day of the semester comes around and we’re in a class together and we’ve been friends ever since!

WeeabooRiot: Hi! I’m WeeabooRiot Cosplay! I’m a loser from Ohio who likes to sew costumes, eat too much ice cream, and talk about magical girls! I’ve been on the convention scene for a while, but I still find new things that excite me every year.

 WeeabooRiot as Sailor Mercury with Sailor Moon group at Youmacon

WeeabooRiot as Sailor Mercury with Sailor Moon group at Youmacon

Q: What was your first cosplay?

A: I closet cosplayed Temari from Naruto, and then slowly worked up on improving my costume into a better cosplay.

Q: How do you choose characters?

A: Usually I just kind of feel pulled to a character. It can be from their design, or I can be inspired by a friends cosplay from the same series, but usually I feel some sort of connection to them, like it’d be very easy or very pleasant to step into their shoes and walk a mile in them.

Q: What cosplay are you most proud of and which do you like to wear the most?

A: I’m probably most proud of my Sailor Mercury costume! I had a guide to help me, but I basically made the whole thing by myself. Most of my other costumes are either partially thrifted or I needed assistance on some aspect of them. However, Sailor Mercury I sewed and pattern drafted all on my own. I always like to wear Madoka the most. The costume has so many memories for me that it feels special and magical for me whenever I wear it.

 WeeabooRiot as Sailor Mercury at Matsuricon 2014

WeeabooRiot as Sailor Mercury at Matsuricon 2014

Q: What are some unique memories you’ve made with Madoka (or other cosplays!) 

A: Madoka is a costume I actually sewed most of and finished abroad. I worked on it with my mother and my grandmother since it was such a big project and really, I didn’t have the skills for it yet. My mom taught me how to put the bias tape on the petals, my grandma made the ribbon ruffles, and I sewed them all on. Sometimes I think I should remake it, but the actually garment really means a lot to me because of my family. It’s also got mascara tear stains on a small hidden section that came from me crying when I saw Madoka Magica: Rebellion in theaters.

 WeeabooRiot as Madoka at Otakon 2012

WeeabooRiot as Madoka at Otakon 2012

Q: What is the most difficult part of making a cosplay?

A: Time management and personal limits. I have a lot of trouble overestimating my skill level, thinking if I just work hard enough I can make anything happen, but I often don’t have the time to do some gigantic costume that requires learning several new skills. I just forget that a lot in the heat of the moment.

Q: Notice any trends in your cosplays?

A: I really like cutesy characters. Especially if they’re cute with some sort of twist.

Q: What’s an example of that?

A: The easiest example is my Giffany cosplay from Gravity Falls. She’s a super cute dating sim character, but then she goes crazy and tries to kill you or your loved ones if you don’t pay enough attention to her. I guess what I’m trying to say is I like yandere characters.

Q: What do you like most about cosplaying?

A: I love the process of getting ready to go out on the convention floor. Makeup, wig work, idle chatter between your roommates as you put on false eyelashes, it’s fun to watch the process of everyone transforming.

Q: What’s your favorite convention?

A: Definitely Otakon! I really love the programming there. I usually participate in the more social scene of the convention, but at Otakon, panels and events call my name! I even volunteered for the Otakon Maid Café last summer!

Q: Anyone you really look up to in the cosplay community?

A: I think Jessie Pridemore is a very admirable cosplayer. I used her petticoat tutorial for my Madoka cosplay, and she’s not afraid to speak up about issues in the community that affect her.

Q: What would you tell someone starting out?

A: Don’t compete with anyone but yourself. There will always be someone who got more attention, or that people say is the best. Get good for yourself, not to spite others.

Q: Any other nerd hobbies?

A: I really like history, and when I have time, I like to draw!

Claire has done a lot of really great cosplays, so if you want to see a mega kawaii cosplayer you should definitely check her page out! Here's a final picture of WeeabooRiot Cosplay as Tsumiki Mikan, Gearstation Cosplay as Mahiru Koizumi, and myself as Peko Pekoyama from our Super Dangan Ronpa 2 shoot in the fall.