What GameSpot Failed To Convey About WWE 2K16

As some of you may know, I am someone that has a deep knowledge of the WWE 2K series of video games. If you happened to read the "big news" from today on GameSpot then you missed a lot of what they are adding into the game this year and instead you'll get a less informed interpretation of the least important parts from the press release issued by 2K Games and WWE today. There are so many cool features that can make this year's game a favorite for so many fans of the franchise. Let's just go over them:

Yes, sweat is a thing but it's not really one of the big bullet points to make the headline of this article. It's cool and adds to the realism but there is so much more being added to the table. You also do get the realistic cloth with physics in the game and a long storied complaint is how hair and clothing reacts in the game so this could be a nice step forward for the series. Again, there is so much more cool shit to talk about.

2K and Yuke's have done a lot of little things to make this game feel like you're not just playing WWE but seeing what you're watching on television. I'm just going to take these straight from the press release:

  • Improved Controls: The controls and move library were overhauled to cleanly separate strikes from grapples. This change provides players with more control over the exact type of attacks they want to initiate in every situation. WWE 2K16 also includes new attack positions, such as seated, to increase options for how players attack while experiencing greatly improved attacks outside the ring near barricades. Opponents will now react more accurately to their environment.
  • New Reversal System: The reversal system has been reworked to improve the overall flow of the match and also create a new level of strategy during the matches. Each Superstar has a limited number of reversals he or she can perform that recharge over time, meaning players might not want to simply try and reverse every attack. In addition, WWE 2K16 introduces Major and Minor reversals for select moves. Minor reversals are easier to perform and only require a single reversal stock. Major reversals are more challenging to perform; however, they yield a much greater reward than damage. Successful Major Reversals weaken the opponent in various ways and provide a new way to swing the momentum of the match in one’s favor.
  • New Pin System: The new pin system starts with an entirely new pin mini-game and offers a variety of new pin variations and reactions. If the opponent kicks out, a Superstar may react to the near pin fall and gesture to the referee in frustration. In addition, WWE 2K16 introduces dirty pins and rope breaks. Dirty pins allow players to use the ropes to their advantage to try and pin their opponents. There is a chance the referee may see this and call off the pin attempt. Rope Breaks are another way to get out of pin attempt but rely on the referee seeing the player grab the ropes. In line with WWE live events and programming, there is no guarantee what the referee is going to see during a match.
  • Chain Wrestling: New positions and attributes allow players to distinguish Superstars from one other. There can also be ties during a lockup; during the tie, there can be a clean break from the tie-up or a cheap shot from either the player or the opponent.
  • Working Holds: Working holds are new for WWE 2K16 and provide players with a way to regain stamina while depleting their opponents’ stamina. Just like on WWE programming, Working Holds provide a way to collect one’s self in the middle or late part of a match and prepare for the next plan of attack.
  • Improved AI: WWE 2K16 sees big improvements to the AI for Superstars, referees and managers. For example, managers can now engage during matches by either trying to distract the referee or get his attention to help out in the match. In addition, significant changes are included for match-specific AI, including Tag Team matches.
  • More Match Types: Many match types of been added for WWE 2K16, including Ladder, handicap and tornado tag matches.
  • Dynamic Entrances: With the improved presentation flow for matches, players are now able to take control of their Superstars during the entrances and have the option to attack their opponents before the match even starts. Why wait for the bell? In WWE 2K16, players can decide when they are ready for action.
  • Additional Improvements: WWE 2K16 also includes an improved Submission system and a vast number of new moves to create an even more engaging gameplay experience

Basically, what it boils down to is that if you're going to play as Randy Orton then you're going to feel like you're actually Randy Orton. You're the viper and, if you want to get a leg up on hitting that RKO out of nowhere, you can ambush your opponent during the entrance and control the whole pace of the match. There was a time when Randy Orton was pretty famous for his rest holds and now you can actually use that to your advantage to build your stamina back up and keep the pace in your corner. All of the things outlined above give you way more strategy and control over a match than ever before and the fact that you can do dirty pins that the ref can either see/not see is one of those little details that will make this game great. That's the kind of thing that can make matches feel unique and like you're actually putting together a show in front of your live virtual audience. For those of you that stream, it could also make your viewing audience more interested in the matches you play as well. This game has the potential to make managers mean something in a game as they do more than break up pins or submissions until the referee throws them out. These are game changing things that you guys should be excited about, because I am.

In addition to those things, they're also making sure the game looks and feels more like a WWE broadcast with a three person commentary team, a lack of loading screens, camera angles and new crowd members, and more to make it feel like you're watching WWE television.

These things in addition to them adding on to all the modes you play already like Universe, Creation Tools, MyCareer, Showcase, and completely revamping the Online play (which definitely needed fixing) should make for an awesome gameplay experience that will keep us busy for the long time.

I hope WWE 2K16 lives up to the potential they can achieve with this great list of additions and, with the game having the biggest roster ever, I can see myself spending a lot more time with this iteration than I did with WWE 2K15 last year.

Be excited for this, it sounds awesome. 2K Sports, don't let us down!