Why Daniel Bryan's Retirement May Be For The Best

Today, we got the following tweet from Daniel Bryan:

We've known for a long time the struggles that Daniel Bryan has been going through since his injury last April and even his injuries in the past. It's a case of him being injured so much in the past few years that one of the WWE's main doctors won't clear Daniel Bryan to return to action. With concussions being a big deal now as we continue to learn more about the human brain, can you blame them for being a bit gun-shy to bring back Bryan? I'm going to take the unpopular opinion here and say that maybe Daniel Bryan SHOULD retire. It's the best thing for his long-term health. We look at wrestlers whose quality of life suffers greatly when they finally give it up. Look at Mick Foley. He's a man who tore his body up and has a hard time putting his socks on in the morning. It's a shame because he's a really good guy that made sacrifices for our entertainment. He's not the only one as there are countless more. Daniel Bryan gets a second chance at living a normal life now. It's no secret to anyone that he and his wife Brie want to have children sometime in the next few years. He can now be a father who can actually play with his kids and he can still be a guy who can use his knowledge to give back to the wrestling business. Just because he can't perform in the ring doesn't mean he can't help train guys in NXT or even help on the main roster as a Producer. Daniel Bryan still has a lot to give professional wrestling but it doesn't have to be in the ring.  

I will say, if this is just a storyline, I'll be the first person to cheer the hell out of the return of Daniel Bryan.  I guess we will find out for sure on RAW tonight. 

Thank you, Daniel Bryan. Thank you, Bryan Danielson.