Episode 22 - Road To The Kingdom

We're back for another fun-filled episode full of your favorite wrestlers from the year 1993! In episode 20 of Monday Night RAW, Adam Bomb is back in action....unfortunately. We also see an angry Razor Ramon, the best of Peter Weeks, and much much more as we head to the King Of The Ring!

Episode 20 - The Kronik

In episode 18 of Monday Night RAW we get some squash matches featuring both Crush and Adam Bomb and a pretty good match with Mr. Perfect and Doink the Clown. Follow along with Trevor and Marcus as they talk about the episode while watching. 

Episode 19 - The Kid Breaks Out

Episode 17 of Monday Night RAW is one of the best of the early days of RAW. We get to see Razor Ramon take on the 1-2-3 Kid and we also get an excellent main event as Marty Jannetty comes back to take on Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Championship. This is the episode to watch!

Episode 16 - We Swear It Gets Better

Welcome to episode 14 of Monday Night RAW! Okay, guys, we keep saying it's going to get better. We swear it is but it's not in this episode, but we make it bearable! Lex Luger takes on Crush in a match that no one wanted to see and we see a Typhoon in action against the great Von Krus. Watch, listen, share it with your friends!

Episode 15 - Snap Into It

Welcome back to the newest episode where we talk about Episode 13 of Monday Night RAW! In this episode, we see the long-awaited return of L.A. Gore and the highly anticipated Tag Team Title match between Money Inc. and The Beverly Brothers. We also get super-philosophical about Randy Savage and his love of slim jims!

Episode 14 - Cat Fights

Welcome to the newest episode of the podcast and Monday Night RAW, watch episode 12 of RAW with us featuring a big cat fight between Luna and Sherri, Big Vito showing us why he's the best ever, and the hugely lauded debut of Friar Ferguson!