Episode 11 - The Bradpocalypse!

Since Taylor plays in, like, three bands and works, he's been very busy.  Too busy for Ralph, so Ralph went rogue and invited his friend Brad to cohost this week.  Brad comes to us from a former webshow called "BS'n with Brad and Scottie" and his cohosting chops were not rusty!  He got right in there with the harmony nonsense noises and a super long, "not-so-fast" five.  Get ready for inappropriate sexual comments and stories about naked puzzle hour.

Today, Ralph and Brad talk about butt injections, prostitutes pulling us from the fiscal cliff, Brad's intense desire to own a frozen yogurt shop, the coming apocalypse, why YOU TOO should have the right to sex up a donkey, the awkwardness of an Eiffel Tower with your dad, and even touch on the recent tragic shootings (in a tasteful way, so don't worry).  See what you think of Brad's spot on the show and give us some feedback as to if you want to hear more of Brad in the future!