Episode 10 - Zombies, Vampires and Ted Nugent

It's here!  The TENTH episode of Too Soon w/ Ralph and Taylor!  Can't believe we're in double digits and I can't believe the FBI isn't monitoring our conversations.  Small wins all around.

In any case, today we discuss a zombie hat trick, why Serbia might want a vampire ghost hanging around, what we should do about population control, discuss what fondling your mirror image might wreak upon the living world, why "Papa" John Schnatter is still a douchebag, why Angus T. Jones might not think Two and a Half Men is all that evil, and the epic feud brewing between Eminem's daughter Hailie and Taylor Swift.  Plus, we go on a long rant that might make Ted Nugent come looking for us!  Also, Ralph makes another plea for Dreama Walker to come on the show and turn him down in person!

It's all here in the 10th episode of Too Soon!  Come celebrate with us!