Episode 12 - Seriously, Florida...What's Up?!?

Taylor makes his triumphant return to the podcast after a couple of weeks off and it could not happen sooner.  We review the weirdest stories from 2012 as we welcome in 2013 with arms wide open, as that one terrible, terrible band from the early 2000's might say.

We discuss why Florida is so messed up, if a squid can impregnate your tongue, get an update on a question Ralph asked Brad about family porno teams back in episode 11, and try to make sense of what makes a good Bill Cosby impression.

For the curious, there is an update on the Steubenville rape case that we talked about in our special episode last week and we discuss when we will be doing that again in the very near future.  For the curious, visit localleaks.blogs.ru.  It will turn your stomach.

Thank you for welcoming in 2013 with us and we look forward to much more from Too Soon with Ralph and Taylor in the coming year!